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17/04/07 - Record Springtime Snowfalls

It has been awhile since the snowbanks in Gander were this big. The first snowfall on April 2 left a dumping of 66 cm. The larger second snowstorm topped the first with a total of 69cm.

  Springtime Snowfall April 2, 2017
  Springtime Snowfall #2 April 5, 2017




16/11/19 - Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts

It was a Home and Home weekend that saw the Gander Flyers hosting the Cataracts on Saturday night. Scoring started on a Penalty Shot and ended 5-0 for the Cataracts.

  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts November 19, 2016



16/11/13 - Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous

It was the Gander Flyers season Home opener at the newly renamed Steele Community Center. The visiting Clarenville Caribous dominated the scoring with a 7 - 1 final tally. Sunday saw the late third period tied with the Caribous netting an unanswered winner. 5 - 4 Caribous.

  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous November 12, 2016
  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous November 13, 2016




16/10/12 - Near the High-Water Mark at Glenwood and Appleton

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Matthew the water level of Gander Lake rose to a twenty year high. The swelling of the Gander River along its banks displaced some of the river side residents and challenged the integrity of the river spanning bridge.

  Appleton Water Level around the Wharf October 12, 2016
  Glenwood High-Water Mark October 12, 2016



16/08/01 - Gander Day Parade and Fireworks 2016

Gander Day morning saw scores of eager onlookers lining the Gander Day Parade route. Firetrucks, Smokey Bear, Bubbles, Stock Cars and the recent resurgence of Pokemon. You know you want to catch a view of them all.

  Gander Day Parade 2016
  Gander Day Fireworks 2016



16/06/25 - Slabfest 2016 - Start of Something Big

Gander's Old Town Site sits silent most of the year. Set up a stage and ask along some of our province's top up and coming musicians. Add a killer sound system and some lights. These are the makings of a perfect outdoor night. The small but enthusiatic gathering of fans found the music to their liking right up to the closing notes. Do not miss your chance to attend Slabfest 2017.

  Kat McLevey  
  Brianna Gosse with Steve Maloney  
  Cabbages and Kings  
  Hear / Say  






16/03/26 - Wall Art for the Homestead

While in Gander over Christmas 2015 the newest member of our family took the time to craft a piece of wall art. Photos of previous work kept anticipation of the end result high. Wall space was identified and a trip to a local retailer assembled the necessary supplies. The slideshow (link below) documents the process with the only warning being how hot your finger tips get gripping the crayons. When finalized the canvas was proudly hung to take its place beside the other wall art at our house.

  Wall Art for the Homestead December 23, 2015



16/02/14 - Gander Flyers Semi-Finals Playoff Action

Weekend two of this years Newfoundland Senior Hockey semi-final playoffs brought the GFW Cataracts the Gander Community Center. Year end awards were presented before Saturday nights game. Andrew Ryan received CWSHL Rookie of the Year honors. The Gander Flyers named goaltender Wayne Savage their Most Valuable Player. The Terry Oake Award for Heart and Determination went to Steve Brazil. The fans stayed late on Saturday night to see the Flyers win 4-3 in overtime. Sunday's action was just as intense with the Cataracts claiming a 5-2 win.

  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts February 13, 2016
  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts February 14, 2016




16/01/17 - Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous

Senior Hockey action at the Gander Gardens. Saturday night saw the Flyers on top with a 3-1 final. Sunday turned up a different result as the Caribous collected 8 goals to Gander's 3.

  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous January 16, 2016
  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous January 17, 2016




16/01/03 - Gander Flyers vs Western Royals

A sweet sweep weekend to be sure. Senior Hockey fans were treated to two hotly contested games with the Gander Flyers emerging triumphant from both. Saturday Evening's result was 4 -3 Flyers while Sunday ended 5-1 Flyers. That is three wins in a row and the Flyers are tied for second place with the Caribous.

  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals January 02, 2016
  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals January 03, 2016




15/12/12 - Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous

Lots of hockey action at the Gander Gardens this weekend. A close game Saturday night ends in a shoot-out win for the Caribous. Sunday was a totally different match up that ended with the Flyers on top of a 10 - 3 win. At the start of Saturday nights game the local Salvation Army ensemble presented a brass instrument version of O'Canada.

  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous December 12, 2015



15/12/05 - Santa Claus Parade 2015

It was a chilly night for this years Santa Claus Parade. A large number of well done floats, marching bands and youth groups made their way along the parade route. Sometimes the Firetrucks close the parade but this year they showed Santa the way around town making sure he got to see and wave to all the good little girls and boys.

  Santa Claus Parade 2015



15/11/28 - Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts

Excitement filled the Gander Community Centre as the GFW Cataracts came to town. Saturday evening was a hotly contested game decided in OT by a GFW marker. Sundays action continued until the second period were the Cataracts jumped to an impressive lead. This game ended 8-2. The Gander Flyers Annual Teddy Bear Toss was a big success, demonstrated by filling the back of a full size Ford half ton such that the final few bears got to ride safely inside the cab.

  Gander Flyers 4th Annual Teddy Bear Toss November 28, 2015
  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts November 28, 2015
  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts November 29, 2015






15/11/14 - Gander Flyers vs Western Royals

The Gander Flyers' season home opener brought the Western Royals to the Gander Community Center. A pre-game memorial service was held for longtime Gander Flyer supporter Terry Oake. The game was a hotly contested match with the Flyers winning a 6-3 victory. Sundays game continued the action with lots of scoring opportunities for both teams but the Royals were the victors with a 4-3 scoreboard.

  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals November 14, 2015



15/09/12 - Muddin Mayhem 2015 at the Gander Derby Site.

The Muddin Mayhem event is a big part of the annual Quad-a-palozza weekend. The Gander Derby Site is configured with three mud pits that get progressively harder to navigate due to the consistency of the mud mix. The day began with even the least difficult "Little Mudder" being somewhat formidable but after adjustments the "Mudinator" remained the pit to beat.

  Muddin Mayhem 2015



A selection of sixteen Quad-a-palooza participants got to try their luck in the "Dirty Dash for the Cash". Two heats were run with contestants lining up at each end of the middle mud pit. From a standing start the race is to capture a white flag suspended mid pit. The winners of the two heats got to run the length of the pit but as they were a couple it turned into a friendly run for bragging rights with the cash prize up for grabs.

  Dirty Dash for the Cash 2015



Up next was the "Time Trial Challenge". The participants came to the start line. At the flag drop the timer starts. The ATV runs through the mud pit until it clears the line between the metal poles, stopping the clock. An average of the two watch readouts gets announced and the winner has the quickest time. This year's winner was Ed Sears on his 2014 Outlander Xmr 1000 with a time of 3.89 secs.

  Time Trial Challenge 2015


15/08/30 - Early Morning at Deadman's Pond

An early morning walk along the pond with the sun just being to poke through.

  Float Plane at Deadman's Pond



15/05/28 - U.S Marine V22 Osprey visit Gander International Airport

It may have been a first when four V22 Tilt Rotor Osprey lined up on the ramp at Gander International Airport. They were accompanied by two KC-10 Air bourne Refuelers that are necessary to extend the Osprey's range on longer flights. After an overnight stay mid-morning on-lookers watched the unique Tilt Rotor aircraft takeoff and soon be followed by the KC-10.

  V22 Osprey at Gander International



15/03/17 - Cottles Island Excursion

A Geocaching Event prompted a trip to Cottles Island. A group of twenty geocachers arrived at the provincial ferry dock in Burnside on the Eastport peninsula to catch the early morning sailing. Once on the island the group ventured on the dirt roads to the far end with the idea of making our way back toward the ferry to catch the late afternoon trip back. The geocaches that are detailed on allowed the exploration of all driveable ends of the island. On the early morning boat trip there had been a number of icebergs lurking on the edge of the fog. Almost as soon as the first geocache was found the sky cleared revealing the many icebergs that were hanging in between the islands really close to shore. The geocaching soon became secondary as the spectacular iceberg structures and the natural beauty of the area brought photographic interests to the fore.

Visitors should note that there are no food outlets operating on the island. A scenic picnic area exists at the top of the hill just before the ferry with a lookout that presents details of the nearby islands. Be sure to pack a lunch as you will be stopping to collect the geocache nearby. Even the wait in line for the return ferry could be time spent geocaching with two caches in the dock area. You will also want to have a close look at active fishing boats docked at the government wharf. If your lucky maybe a fisherman will arrive to off-load his days catch while you wait. The return ferry ride offered a much needed rest but it's best to stay alert as the icebergs are continually moving and could pop-up in the most photogenic placements.

Go ahead, add it. Your bucket list just got longer.

  Visit to Cottles Island, St. Brendan's



15/02/01 - Gander Flyers vs Western Royals

The Western Royals were in town and both teams were looking for end of the regular season wins. Saturday's game was opened with a ceremonial puck drop by Bridgette Abbott the reigning Miss Newfoundland and Labrador. After a hard fought game the Royals came away victorious. Sunday was Gander Flyer's Fan Appreciation day. Both teams were coveting the win. When it came down to a shoot out, Western secured a weekend sweep.

  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals January 31, 2015
  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals February 1, 2015



15/01/18 - Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous

With a large number of the Gander Flyer's fans filling the seats Senior Hockey action returned to Gander Gardens in 2015. Saturday night's Flyers win was mapped out within the first couple of minutes. On Sunday afternoon the puck seemed to bounce in the right direction only for the visiting Caribous. Both games were filled with fast paced hockey action.

  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous January 17, 2015
  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous January 18, 2015



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