Just Before Christmas While the Lady of the House was Out

Sled Riding Santa and two of his reindeers had been practicing sled riding for most of the morning. Actually they were testing out a new product called " Sleigh Runner Super Slick" that was proving to be a great help when snow conditions were actually more rocks than snow. Once properly applied the goo like product had worked beyond expectations and the morning had slid by such that it was time for a rest.

Santa noticed some activity on the go in front of the artificial fireplace. My, My, What have we here? He thought as he pulled up the sleigh and let the reindeers relax next to the impromptu stage. There in front were "Santa's Marching Band" made up of eight bell ringers of which one had a red santa suit on to designate him as the leader and to justify the band's name in a “in the season” sort of way. Many years back they had been regulars amongst the household ornaments but during the past few Christmas seasons had been on tour alternating between locations north and south but this year they were definitely back home. " I hope we get to hear them play" thought Santa. Behind the band were a toupe of mummers working out their positionings for their time on stage. From the look of them Santa could not tell if he knew them or which were boys or if there were any girls. It seemed that they were to accompany themselves with an accordion and a mouth organ. Santa's mind went back to sleigh riding and his never ending pursuit to achieve faster speeds. The runner super slick was a definite improvement but he felt that faster was still possible.

Usually the only music in the area was from the big CD player that stood in its place to the side of the fireplace. Santa often used the music from the CDs to pace his sleigh riding but the bell ringer band would be a delightful change. Santa could feel himself getting excited and the reindeer were beginning to fidgeting too. Then the band started to ring out a series of Christmas tunes and carols. The precision bell ringing was echoing around the room. Quickly Santa nodded to the reindeer and together they soon disappeared down the long hallway. Seems the bell sounds suited sleigh riding making it just that much more intense and exciting. Santa sensed that the sleigh was making record time and as the tunes changed it seemed each new tune made the sleigh go faster. Everyone knows that it is harder to turn the reindeer as their speed increases but it was the master sleighdriver Santa with the reins and he quick and surely pointed them back towards the fireplace.

At the side of the fireplace a brown cat had been intensely watching a googly eyed bird since before the band arrived. Just when the cat was set to pounce Santa, the reindeers and the sleigh zoomed in front of the band having achieved a new record for speedy sleigh riding. The cat looked up to see the sleigh disappearing fast away as was the googly eyed bird. Santa waved his thank-you to the bell ringers for their assistance and then expressed his glee, “Its super slick and bell ringing enhanced speedy sleigh riding for me”.