Just Before Christmas While the Lady of the House was Out

Sled Riding Santa had just been brought home from the gift store and the ornaments were lying about randomly. Having not yet been placed in their fixed seasonal locations they were still able to move around. The idea came to Sled Riding Santa to set up a temporary small slope to have a few slides on his sled and with a "HO, HO, HO. Who's going to help me?" he had a sizeable group of helpers.

First they set up the slope in front of the fire place. Then Skier Hippo tried it out as it took Sled Riding Santa a bit longer to get his sled up the slope and positioned. The Snowperson Family moved into a vantage point just behind the two Green with Red Fruit Trees. The Tall Candle People stood a bit closer to the slope to get the full feel of the speed that Sled Riding Santa had promised to achieve. Drummer Bear took the opportunity of the waiting time to practice his little drummer boy drum solo and it sort of added to the excitement of the event.

Finally it was time for Skier Hippo's second run and Santa's first. Down the slope went Skier Hippo. Santa waited to ensure enough of a headstart for the Skier then tipped his sled off the top of the slope and true to his word made the first of many impressive speedy tips to the bottom of the short slope. When asked about it later Sled Riding Santa commented "In the case of Sled Riding Daring Do, HO, HO, HO any slippery slope can be made to do".