Just Before Christmas While the Lady of the House was Out

It was getting real close to Christmas. The Lady of the House had arranged the Christmas decorations in each of their fixed locations. They felt a bit restricted because in the days before they were able to move around and get together as they saw fit but now they were affixed to where she had placed them. The flock of red birds had been seen around the small tree for a number of days but lately their favorite perch was on top of an old piece of driftwood that the Lady of the House had long ago gifted to someone and had recently received back. A knitted and stuffed Mr and Mrs Clause leaned against the wall and in front of them but just off to the side stood a figure in a birch bark suit. His suit was made of real birch bark but it was hard to notice unless you were told as he liked to hang back behind objects or just off to the side. Also he always accessorized with a nice hat and scarf. His main worry was about the small grey bear that was resting against the front of the driftwood log.

"Oh My!" sighed the little bear. I am some worried about Santa." The little birds on top of the log all perked up as it seemed the bear was talking to them. "I worked hard a being good all year stuck in that box in the attic. I read all the Christmas books that were stored over the summer. When we were first unpacked we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a very lively Santa on TV." It seems that the little bear was worried mainly because he had looked at the other decorations. On one there was a picture of Santa making a list just like the pictures in the Christmas story books. But when he came close to what looked like the Santa of the stories and on TV, Santa looked and then felt very soft and very flimsy. Mrs Claus looked and felt the same. There was no way the small bear could see that this flimsy and soft pair would be doing anything with presents. In fact to the little bear they sort of resembled a wool sweater. "I hope that there is a real Santa and Mrs Claus" Again the flock of birds perked up and looked his way. " I am just going to have to keep believing that the real Santa Claus will find me and be sure to hang my stocking. Yes, I know he will." He started to smile and the excitement of the Christmas season again took over. The flock of birds looked at one another and voiced their agreement to the bear's last remarks with a series of chirps and calls. The man with the birch bark suit was happy that the little bear had resolved his anxious worries as it was hard not to listen and be concerned. He returned to standing back and just to the side as the excitement of the season again made him smile.