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06/12/25 - Just Before Christmas While the Lady Of The House Was Out

It was in that period in any home just before Christmas when the ornaments and decorations are down from the attic but are somewhat still in the storage boxes. Also it was the time of year when there are presents around that have yet to be wrapped as gifts. This was one of those days and the Lady of the House was out. What could happen? Click to View the Photo and Find Out.

06/12/15 - A Giftshop Visit Before Christmas

A well stocked gift shop is always a pleasure to visit. Eleven months of the year you can find just the right memento or small gift that expresses your sediments to a friend or to family. The other month of the year Santa rules the roost. In the photo (View Photo) we can see a replica of Santa's Sleigh shortened up so that it matches the available length in front of the fireplace. Santa also does downhill sled riding sporting a choice of suitable apparel. The slightest touch to either Sled Riding Santa starts a rendition of a well known Christmas tune which when the Santa's were getting positioned produced a sometimes mysterious mixing of the tunes. Though all the excitement Dancing Santa and Mrs Clause kept time to the Mummer's solo fiddle tune while another Santa and his buddy, a Christmas Bear looked on.

06/12/09 - Santa Clause is Coming to Town

The annual Santa Clause Parade sparks excitement in both young and old. No matter how cold the day. No matter how much the wind blows the snow around you have to bundle up in your warmest clothes and line the side of the streets in order to catch a glimpse of the jolly old elf. Have you ever paused to think about how busy Santa is this time of year? He is here for this parade, (View Photos) then quickly off to another probably this afternoon and then he has Children's Christmas Parties to go to without stop, repeating right up until the toy elves get the sleigh packed and off he goes on his famous round the world flight. As the excitement level builds, how about we all plan to join Santa in a well deserved rest just after Christmas.

06/12/04 - Hidden in the Trees

It took a moderate amount of effort to construct this shelter all nestled in the trees and disguised by it's similarity to the surroundings. Who may have needed it's ability to shelter such that they added the noticeable tarp on top that trades off privacy for dryness?. While it is near three senior educational establishments the closeness to a water source albeit boggy suggests that its builder may have called it home while he or she was choosing to be hidden in the trees. It appeared abandoned November 26, 2006 (View Larger)

06/11/26 - Additions to Gander Collegiate

As a welcome replacement for some portable classrooms a new structure has been appended to the rear of Gander Collegiate. Also on the northern end of the school a two story structure has been added. The extra space may allow extra curriculum to be offered in future years but for now construction fills the schedule in these photos taken November 6, 2006. (View Photos)

06/11/19 - New Steel makes it Permanent

Another steel frame takes shape on Roe Avenue in this July 16, 2006 photo (View Larger). After adding some walls and windows what will this structure house? McCormack's Esso was a fixture on the Trans-Canada next to the Albatross Hotel for years before their relatively recent relocation to the Cooper Boulevard area. This new permanent location will see their business continue into the future.

06/11/11 - Remembrance Day at the War Memorial

With the sun poking around the clouds in the sky those in attendance assembled around the War Memorial to take part in the yearly rituals of Remembrance Day. A decade ago the crowds seemed smaller. Events taking place in far off lands have rekindled our need to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who served and those that gave all. (View Photo).

06/11/08 - Problem Parking?

A lone military transport plane parks on the ramp at Gander International Airport in this July 22, 2006 photo. (View Larger) The parking problem comes not from too many planes but not enough that pay a fee. The Canadian Government has added rules that prevent a repeat of the time when aircraft landed and for all the right reasons passengers would seek asylum in Canada with Government footing the bill. These restrictions prevent prospective customers for Gander from making their fuel stop on Canadian soil. A solution needs to be found to ensure the long term survival of the Newfoundland airport.

06/10/31 - Halloween - The Scary Fun that Brightens up the Front Lawn.

Happy Halloween. The once a year event when this home owner cleans out the shed and puts the items in the correct order on the front lawn. Then they add the right amount of light so that you can see all the relics at their best. It is alot of work but it looks spooktacular.
(View Larger)

06/10/27 - Towed Through Town

On her way to take part in the movie "Above and Beyond" the North Atlantic Aviation Museum's Hudson Bomber turns the corner of Cooper Boulevard onto James Avenue. The job of towing the Hudson on both journeys fell into the more than capable hands of Gander's Search and Rescue Squadron. The yellow tug shown in this photo taken June 17, 2006 6:03 am (View Larger) is normally used to move the squadron's Cormorant helicopters in and out of their hangar.

06/10/21 - The Newfoundland Airport Building Takes Shape

Another major prop in Gander for the movie " Above and Beyond " is shown beginning to take shape. Before it is ready a second story and a tower on top are to be added. The present day Control Tower is visible in the background in this photo captured June 17, 2005 (View Larger). Along with the movie the CBC is airing additional programs presenting the story and details of Ferry Command. A list of times and descriptive text are available here.

06/10/15 - All Covered In

Once the "roof is on" (Blog entry 06/09/08) in short order siding completes the exterior of the newly constructed buildings. The photo July 07, 2006 (View Photo) shows this sporting goods store on Gilmore Place with the parking lot waiting for pavement. After operating in this new location for a couple months it was time to host their recent Grand Opening.

06/10/09 - On Her Way to Make a Movie

A couple of weeks before the cameras started rolling the Hudson Bomber that normally resides at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum on the TCH had to make the journey to the soon to be set of the movie " Above and Beyond ". This photo taken June 17, 2005, 4:30 am
(View Photo)
shows the Hudson in front of the Irving Station on the TCH in Gander. An intricate series of movements ensured that her wing tips cleared the light poles on opposite sides of the highway but added to the timespan of the road closure.

06/10/01 - Seventh Annual Don Bartlett Curling Classic

Annually the Don Bartlett Curling Classic brings some of the best curlers in the world to the Gander Community Center for a four day event. Quarter final action is shown in the October 1, 2006 photo (View Photo). The fifth game added on the center ice surface pits the Newfoundland and Labrador Junior Men's Team in an exhibition encounter with the Chinese National team that by the way is coached by a Newfoundland curler. In the Final (View Photos) it was Kevin Martin placing second to Kerry Burtnyk's first place finish.

06/09/25 - Just Like Weeds

With their large mainly purple flowers Lupins provide a splash of color to an otherwise green roadside or field. This is evidenced in this photo taken June 25, 2006 (View Photo) Weed-like in nature, once established in an area they tend to dominate the available space. Lupins a colorful contrast, a scurge to domestic gardening and home to happily buzzing bees.

06/09/16 - Targa Newfoundland 2006 -  Targa Car Show

Seventy-one rally cars ran the rally course into Gander. They had come from all across North America and one from New Zealand to take part in the six day event. The photo shows a large number of the cars on display in the Gander Community Center September 11, 2006 (View Photo). More photos of the Gander portion of Targa Newfoundland 2006 are available at

06/09/08 - Another Roof "Almost On"

These days it seems that going for a drive around Gander is like taking a tour of construction sites. The areas around Armstrong Boulevard and Roe Avenue seem to always have a new lot being cleared and shortly there after the roof is almost on. The photo taken June 26, 2006 (View Photo) shows a sporting goods store on Gilmore Place in that "almost on" phase of construction.

06/09/01 - More Stores to the Side

In the space between Walmart and Cooper Boulevard a strip mall has emerged. At the time of writing the stores are open for business but have not yet announced their "Grand Opening". In the left of the photo taken May 6, 2006 (View Photo) the travel trailers sit on the original railway bed that was a part of the Newfoundland Trailway.

06/08/25 - Reestablishing the Order - Festival of Flight 2006

Attending the events of the 20th Anniversary Festival of Flight has hopefully left you with many memories from being at the various venues with family and friends. If you were unable to attend then be sure to view the photos and catch up with the excitement of Festival of Flight 2006. The photos on this website are presented solely for your enjoyment by GOTNL Productions. If you like what you see, do your friends and family a favor by spreading the news about this website. Regular viewers will notice that the Festival of Flight events have been rearranged and are now presented in the order in which the events occurred.

06/08/07 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Newfoundland's Premier Fireworks Display

This years Fireworks Display was even bigger than previous years to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Festival of Flight. View Photos

06/08/07 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Gander Day at Cobb's Pond

Gander Day at Cobb's Pond is a two visit event. The first trip to the pond is usually in the heat of the afternoon. You have a look around at the amusements then it is time to checkout the Musicfest. After supper you need to wander back. You can feel the crowd building and you hurry to buy that final prize winning ticket before you position yourself at the Musicfest. Here you are sitting or standing watching the final few Musicfest groups and then the fireworks fill the night sky. View Photos

06/08/07 - Festival of Flight 2006 -
Gander CO-OP Traditional Newfoundland Breakfast

It was a chance to bring your family and meet your friends to enjoy a serving of traditional Newfoundland favorites while local musicians provide a musical backdrop that adds so much to the event. Held annually in the Gander Community Center it is always well attended. Checkout the crowd in this Panoramic Photo taken 9:30 am, Monday, August 7, 2006.

06/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2006 - International Food and Beverage Festival
View Photos

06/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Annual Gospel Concert

The Annual Gospel Concert presented at Cobb's Pond featured a number of local and newfoundland gospel music offerings. The final two groups were awesome. Dante shares the stage with his Grandfather and is a nine year old that offers up his song of choice with a power that is beyond his years. Gospel Quartet Celebration had come in from St. John's to open the concert and when the time came they proceeded to close the show with their well honed style of musical celebration. View Photos

06/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Annual Demolition Derby 2006

As an annual event the Demolition Derby presented August 6, 2006 by the Gander Boys and Girls Club just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Viewing the event has become easier over recent years as each year the Town of Gander has increased the height of the sides of the Derby pit with evidence that this trend will continue. The success of this event shows in the Panoramic Photo of this years Derby. The reason for the popularity of the Derby for both drivers and spectators can be seen in these two series of Photos: Heat Two and Survivor Series

06/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Fun Fly 2006   View Photos

06/08/05 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Newfoundland's Biggest Kitchen Party

The Kitchen Party is a must be there event for two reasons. Making up the crowd are friends and acquaintances that you have not seen in years and the Music. This years bands featured: Airship, (View Photo) who skillfully present 60's era rock and roll. To keep you "Running Wild" the Stampeders took to the stage and presented their string of hits from the 70's like "Sweet City Woman" and "Oh My Lady".(View Photos) Last up were The Northern Pikes with favorites from the early 90's telling you about " She's a Girl with a Problem" and that "She Ain't Pretty". (View Photos)  Here's hoping to see you there next year.

06/08/05 - Festival of Flight 2006 - 20th Annual Festival of Flight Parade

It's the 20th version of the Annual Festival of Flight Parade. Here come the Fire Trucks and Commander Gander riding on the first float.. One float marks the 20th anniversary with twenty plaques that highlight the slogans of the Festivals of the past.. View Photos

06/08/05 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Commander Gander Road Run  

This year's Commander Gander Road Run offered runners three distances of 2 km, 5 km and the long one 10 km. 35 entrants lined up as Commander Gander watched the start of the race. Dean Elyward of Port aux Choix came in first in the 10 km run with Ryan Gosse second. Megan Maloney won the 5 km event with Kirsten Peddle the first of the 2 km runners. View Photos

06/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Busking in the Town Square

This year's Buskers provided their audience a mixture of varied sights and sounds. Along with our longtime favorite local performers appeared some new experiences for the eyes and ears. Klaus the Organ Grinder rolled into town and loaded his hand wound organ with the long rolls of paper that play the different tunes. On the second night of busking those in attendance were treated to a display of performance art. A group of car horn tooters that had been trained by their conductor lined up and let toot with their symphony. Commander Gander could be seen enjoying this event immensely. Rumor has it that he remarked that it reminded him of when he was a young goose and his brood were given lessons on how to honk. View Photos

06/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Annual Festival Pet Show

The invite was issued to bring your family including the family pet. Entered in the friendly competition were twelve dogs, two cats and one entry in the other category. Other means other types of pets and that includes snakes. View Photos

06/08/03 - Festival of Flight 2006 - 1st Annual Horse-Shoe Tournament

In the backyard of the Gander Lions Club they're playing Horse-Shoes. Tossing two shoes back and forth while the crowd looks on until a winning team is declared. This is an event that was popular in the early years of the Festival of Flight and then interest seemed to wane. Let us hope that the tournament regains its place as a part of the Festival's tradition. View Photo

06/08/02 - Festival of Flight 2006 - Opening Ceremonies

Once again its the Festival of Flight's Mascot, our own Commander Gander's Birthday. He makes of show of cutting his cake and then sharing it with everyone to let them know that this years Festival of Flight has begun. On hand to captivate the young audience with some really neat science ideas were the lab coat foursome from Mad Science of Newfoundland.
View the Photos

06/07/29 - A Dutch Stopover

A portion of the Royal Netherlands Air Force are shown in this June 29, 2006 photo. (View Photo) Traveling together are a DC-10 in-air refueler and a brace of F-16 fighters which made a stopover in Gander to pick up fuel on the ground before continuing on with their mission.

06/07/19 - Flowers in a Backyard

Nestled in a backyard safely out of the wind is home for this group of flowers and plants. They have been cared for since their springtime planting and now the bursts of color make the effort worthwhile. Photo captured July 16, 2006 (View Larger)

06/07/12 - Construction on the Airport Ramp

One of the missions of this website is to observe and record change in the Gander area when possible. Lately that has meant that alot of building construction photos have appeared in blog entries like this one. This photo shows a walled off construction area for the new Irving aircraft refuelling building. Still standing in this photo taken May 27, 2006 (View Larger) was the soon to be removed steel structure of the Air Canada Cargo Building. At present, construction of the much larger new building continues.

06/07/04 - Out of the Wind

Along with the warm weather that the Gander area has been experiencing lately there has been a large component of wind. Local front yard flowers have taken a beating and appear past their prime. In the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest the subject of the photo taken July 4, 2006 (View Larger) appears to the side of one of the many walking trails. Shielded from the winds tempest it basks in the rays of the soon to be setting sun.

06/06/26 - Turning to Leave

After a long engine warm-up this An-124 makes a turn towards its taxiway. These massive Airliners are used to carry large pieces of equipment or heavy loads that are beyond to capability of any other commercial aircraft. They are always impressive due to the sheer physical size. The double nose wheel gear stands out in the photos taken June 25, 2006. (View Photo)

06/06/18 - Just Behind Some Trees

Many who call Gander and Area home have drove past within thirty feet of this small bit of wetland. Once the surrounding trees get their full compliment of green leaves it falls out of sight and out of mind. Should you take the time to push though the surrounding foliage you may view a brace of ducks having a quite swim in what could seem a totally separate idyllic world. Along with the memory, you bring back a few tree scrapes on your person and probably a score of insect bites. Photo captured June 4, 2006. (View Photo)

06/06/11 - New Tenants Making Changes

At one end of the Gander Mall changes are taking place. People traffic in the once busy mall diminished when a major retailer moved to a new location. The reconstruction work on behalf of the new tenants has required a complete stripping of the interior of the building and the removal of portions of the concrete floor. To facilitate this sections of the exterior walls have been removed and the heavy machinery moves in and out as needed. The photo from June 10, 2006 (View Larger) shows the ongoing progress.

06/06/05 - Making Ready for Departure

At midmorning on a heavily overcast day a military transport plane makes ready for departure. Also a large AN-124 cargo jet is parked, waiting possibly while its crew has a required sleep period. (View Larger)

06/05/20 - The Floating Bridge at Cobb's Pond is Out

The ice in Cobb's Pond has adversely affected the walking trail floating bridge during the past couple of winters making it at times unsafe. Presently sections of the floating bridge have been hauled up on shore and will not be returning to the water. They are shown in the photo captured May 20, 2006 (View Larger) where you can also see the bridge's moorings that are still in place in the middle of the pond. Construction is underway to again complete the walking trail but this time following a path along the shore as evidenced in this May 20, 2006 photo (View Photo).

06/05/12 - Plane Spotting

With the winter's snow banks gone the pass time of plane spotting can be pursued in ernest. Gander International Airport provides many opportunities to see a large number of different types of planes close up without any sort of special effort. This photo shows an Air Canada Airbus A320 on the domestic portion of the Airport Terminal ramp, May 05, 2006. (View Larger)

06/05/05 - The Springtime Clean-up

Once the warm weather of spring begins lawn and garden owners get the itch to get out of doors and clean-up around the house. Some bushes need trimming and any remaining leaves must be collected and bagged. The raking of lawns produces many piles of dead grass that add to the count of green bags on the side of the road awaiting pickup. The photo May 05, 2006 (View Larger) shows the results of one homeowners extensive labor.

06/04/23 - They "Scrunch Up" When They Dump

The activity at a construction site tends to draw a crowd of onlookers. Conversation at these times tends to provide various bits of information and observations. On one occasion a young person with some authority stated that I should watch how the wheelbase of the dump trucks shorten up as they dump. He thought it would be of interest to demonstrate this on this website. The photos (View Photos) captured July 23, 2005 prove him correct. (View Large Panoramic)

06/04/15 - The Walmart Construction Site

It requires a wide panoramic photo to show the large Walmart construction site. This website will provide views of the building site from the initial layer of stone on July 4, 2005  (View Photo) to the completion of the exterior of the building. Two photos (Front View) and (Back Side View) capture the work in progress July 27, 2005.

06/04/09 - Bantam Atlantic Challenge Cup at Gander Gardens

The Irving Oil Challenge Cup, Atlantic Canada's Bantam AAA Hockey Championship was hosted by Gander Minor Hockey April 6-9, 2006. The five teams taking part were from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and the Gander Flyers host team. The face-off shown in the photo (View Larger) took place in the final period of the Championship game between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Our provincial team from St. John's won the gold with their 5 -1 effort over the silver medallists from Truro.

06/04/05 - Back on the Tarmac

The North Atlantic Aviation Museum's Hudson Bomber is shown once again on the Tarmac at Gander Airport, July 17, 2005 (View Larger). It was on its way to have its' paint freshened before becoming the focus of some movie cameras. This early morning photo also shows the Provincial Forestry Building that resides on Airport property.

06/03/29 - Provincial Darts Championships held in Gander

The Provincial Dart Championships were held March 17-19. Ladies Darts were centered at the Albatross and the Men's competition filled the Elks Club. The event has been taking place here in Gander for the past twenty years with the central location favored by the participants that come from all regions of our Province. The caliber of play was kept high with the participation of a female player who is ranked in the top four in Canada. The quickness of the action posed some digital photography difficulties but the essence of the event can be seen in the photo captured March 18, 2006 (View Photo).

06/03/23 - The Old Busy Intersection in Town

Maybe the traffic light controlled intersection of Airport Boulevard and Elizabeth Drive has not lost it's heavy use statistic. The corner of the Elizabeth Drive Shopping Center Parking Lot in front of Riff's was piled high with snow, a result of a number of snowfalls. Next the snow was surgically removed from the corner and some lines of florescent paint were laid out on the exposed snow. The result of this end of winter season construction will be one of the many changes that the coming spring will bring. Also in the photo captured March 18, 2006 (View Larger) is the newly renovated Old Gander Post Office Building.

06/03/15 - Gander's Winter Carnival - Outdoor Events at Cobbs Pond

A number of families took advantage of the sunny winter's day to take in the Winter Carnival events held on land at Cobb's Pond, March 4, 2006. (View Photo) An attempt was made to clear some of the pond for outdoor skating but all efforts ended when the heavy equipment created a section of open water near shore.

06/03/12 - Gander's Winter Carnival - Truck Pull Event

Add two Toyota Tundra Trucks and two teams of " Gander's Biggest Loser " weight loss struggle participants. Attach a pull rope to each of the trucks and watch them go. It took three tries of what looked like dead heats to determine the winner. The event took place in the Gander Community Center parking lot on March 5, 2006. (View Photo)

06/03/08 - Gander's Winter Carnival - Snow Sculpture Contest

Snow Sculpture artists left their mark around town during Gander's Winter Carnival, March 3-5. Bart Simpson, Elmo and a submarine surfaced for the contest that was judged on March 5 (View Photos). The curling stone sculpture pays homage to the Team Gushue Gold Medal Performance and was produced as a part of the College of the North Atlantic's Winter Carnival.

06/03/06 - Gander's Winter Carnival - Tug of War

Gander's first Winter Carnival, March 3-5, consisted of a number of events. The Photo (View Photo) shows the Tug of War event held March 5 in the Gander Community Center parking lot. The teams were made up of participants in the ongoing weight loss struggle of "Gander's Biggest Loser". Be sure to let your friends and family know that other Winter Carnival Photos will appear on this website in the coming days.

06/02/28 - New Banking Location Under Construction

A number of new business locations are appearing around Gander. A photo taken February 17, 2006. (View Photo) shows the new Bank of Montreal location that has been under construction for the past few months. Anticipation builds as the opening date has been set. Note the closed over area at the side of the building. Current speculation has it as the site of Gander's first drive-thru bank.

06/02/18 - The New Busy Intersection in Town

The intersection of Cooper Blvd. and Edinburgh Ave. February 17, 2006. (View Photo) appears to be the new busiest intersection in Gander. The traffic pattern in the area has definitely changed since the opening of the new Walmart and will continue to increase as new businesses situate and open their doors.

06/02/09 - A Snow Shovellers' Delight

The lack of any sizeable amount of snow is still the curiosity of this winter. A photo of Gander's ex-skihill, February 5, 2006 (View Photo) shows an iceless Gander Lake and only minimal snow covering the slope. Anxious snowmobilers run their machines on the pathways that are visible but often hear the ding, ding, ding of rocks hitting on their expensive carbide front ski protectors. The report from a snowmobile trip to the top of Mt. Peyton (just visible in the photo) is that reaching the summit is difficult due to the lack of snow. This winter season up until this date has been " A snow shovellers' delight."

06/01/30 - Two of the Biggest

It is a real thrill to view and to capture an image of two of the world's largest airliners as they spend time on the ground at Gander International Airport, October 01, 2005 (View Larger). Sometimes if you happen to be in the right place you get to meet up with the crew and passengers and hear their stories. This was the case last summer when an aircrew timeout resulted in a team of European Red Cross Volunteers making an unexpected overnight stopoff. The plane they had hired was stuffed full with a self supporting medical unit that they were hoping to deploy in a timely manner to help cope with a crisis that was occurring in Haiti. All of the Volunteers were focused on getting setup and ready to provide the assistance that they knew the Haitian people would be needing. When we parted I was in awe of the humanitarian effort that they had undertaken and could only wish them a safe journey.

06/01/22 - If you build it, they will come.

A Major retailer opened the doors of its new store here in Gander this week. It has changed the traffic pattern in the surrounding area and if rumors hold true it is the first of many. The photo shows the building site as it appeared July 4, 2005 (View Larger) with work stopped on a long weekend. Some " you know you're goin' " excitement over the opening is in evidence in Ganderite Amy Martin's blog entry on 1.19. 2006. Now Archived -  Shootin off with Amy. Besure to click on the green text hyperlink to the Vocm News article on the opening.

06/01/15 - Unseasonably Warm

Gander's weather has been unseasonably warm over the last couple of days. Snowmobile enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating a sizeable snowfall but only a teaser amount arrives and does not stay. It was eleven degrees Celsius with intermittent rain showers at the time of the photo 06/01/15, (View Larger) that shows area around the intersection of Byrd Avenue and Airport Boulevard Extension. There are small patches of green grass appearing on either side of the Trans Canada Trail which is normally this time of year the main snowmobile pathway through Gander.

06/01/09 - A Work in Progress

Our Town's new Water Treatment Plant begins to take shape in this image captured 05/10/09.(Larger View)  Presently the building has been enclosed and work continues.

06/01/02 - Working On A New Look

A New Year has arrived. The best part of the Holiday Season was meeting with people. Last night's get together included some that had arrived back in Gander in the past year after years away and another is planning to move away to follow family. It is the natural order that over time things change. This applies to this website and to changes around our town. Our current plan for these two items is that the first will chronicle the latter. The image above taken 05/10/02 (Larger View) shows a change to the physical layout of what was Gander's main shopping district with Eaton's being the anchor store. The change was a result of the Fire in the Town Square, 04/12/03

051223 - New Name Along With A Few Changes

Welcome the rebirth of the website. Point your browser to  The site has morphed into a Blog or weblog which seems to be the going trend. We hope to add text and a few photos on various topics as they come up. Updates may not be on a regular basis but eventually the links will appear on the sides of the page and the site will again become suitable for a Gander based home page.

051127 - Final Week of Gander Our Town Website.

Reluctantly we announce that this will be the final week that Gander Our Town will be available in its present location. It has been a fun experience that hopefully a few people found useful and interesting. Mid December you should be able find the website in a static state by searching "gotnl" and having a look around at the present, past and future projects of GOTNL Productions.

051023 - Targa 2005 - Checkout the Targa Cars and the Event On-line.

How to see all the Targa event while it is in Gander for two nights? That is a bit of a daunting task. The adage "You cannot be everywhere at once" applies whether the Targa Cars are running a Targa stage on the streets of Gander or are on display during the Targa Car Show at the Community Center. What about the cars that have a mishap and a fender gets crumpled? One solution that can be suggested is to checkout the website. You will find the photographic efforts of six volunteer photographers and two volunteer video camera operators assembled and made web-ready by a volunteer GOTNL Productions webmaster. The site shows the Targa Cars in the every part of the Gander portion of the event in the best light and sometimes even when repairs stretch late into the night. You can follow the progress of repairs and see the results of the mishaps while the bent up cars are still on the recovery wrecker. View Photos - Targa Cars leaving Gander.

050907 - A Long Stretch with Bumpy Roads.

Just before the long Labor Day weekend a Pavement Recycler/Grinder was used to remove about 2 inches of the surface of portions of Airport Boulevard between Northeast Gander and Downtown. The resulting bumps were rather severe. To avoid them some drivers took a Slalom like path utilizing the whole street. Finally on the sixth day new asphalt is smoothing out the bumps. View Photo

05/08/30 - Targa Cars on the Streets of Gander- September 12 and 13, 2005

The Citroen pictured on the home page participated in a previous years Targa Newfoundland Rally. This years Targa event will be held in Gander September 12 and 13. The Cars will run the Targa Stage into town after supper on Monday, September 12 and follow a reverse route leaving Gander before noon the next day. There will be Targa Car Shows at the Gander Community Center on both nights. Besure to visit to view photos of the Gander Targa stages from previous years.

05/08/26 - American Overseas Airlines Inc.

Though it has seen better days the small bus brings to life a period of Gander's aviation history. After WW II commercial aircraft were just beginning to fly regular scheduled flights across the Atlantic. American Airlines in 1945 set up a subsidiary, American Overseas Airlines fly these North Atlantic routes to Europe. The airline was merged with Pan American in the fall of 1950. This information obtained on the Internet gives an indication of the vintage of the vehicle. Also of note are the roll down windows, a real plus if you were occasionally shuttling passengers around.    View Photos

05/08/17 - Out of the Woods - Airport Boulevard Extension

One day it seems that the trees were cut and then the construction machines converged. Lots of dirt, mud and Concrete pipes. Eventually there is a dirt road that you can drive on. The building lots get cleared and house construction begins. This same story is happening in many parts of our town but this once the prodding steps of progress have been recorded as the work continues.    2003 Photos   2004 Photos    2005 Photos

05/08/10 - Larger Photos and Bloggy Bits

"Positive changes" is another way of stating that you are keeping up to date. At the time this website was initially launched the standard computer monitor size was fifteen inches. Todays new systems come with a minimum seventeen inch display. This allows larger screen resolutions to be programmed by webmasters and Gander Our Town now targets a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The most notable result of this change is that Gander Our Town now brings you a larger photo appearing on the main page. The word "blog" is becoming more frequently heard and expanded it becomes "web log". In the spring the northeast shores of Newfoundland become dotted with icebergs. Some are large and some are small with the small ones sometimes hanging around in the coves until they melt attracting an audience of on-lookers. An iceberg that measures 1 - 4 meters is noted as a "bergy bit". The Gander Our Town web site has "Bloggy Bits". These are the sporadic text entries made on this webpage when a bit of commentary or additional information would round out the topic of a group of photos. Why not take sometime to explore the links and view the photos presented on Gander Our Town. Hopefully, you will see yourselves there.

05/07/21 - A View of a Past Event

In the early Eighties the Annual Demolition Derby was held in another location from that used today. The original Derby site was located at the side the airport near the old town site. You turned onto a road and went past the Gander Railway Station as you were crossing the railway tracks to get there. The event was very popular and drew large crowds. The afternoon started with a dirt bike demonstration. Next came the jumping of a car from a wooden ( railway ties) ramp to attempt to end up with the auto resting on its roof. Once the dust settled a second car and driver attempted to T-Bone the first car. Finally the Demolition Derby got underway with lots of loud noise, dust and showers of rocks and gravel. The one thing that ties the Derbies of the past to those of the present is that the winner has bragging rights for a full year. View Photos
Photos of the present day Derby - 2002   2003   2004

05/07/17 - A Long Awaited Flight Home

Sometimes a return trip home gets a bit dragged out. The British Military Jet shown in the photos "Making a Turn" View Photos had an unanticipated long stay in Gander at the end of May. The reason must have been a problem with the aircraft's engines as a lot of engine run-ups were performed then the Jet would return to its usual place on the ramp. Finally the engines were warmed up successfully with the trouble resolved and the aircraft was photographed "Launching Towards Home". View Photos

05/05/03 - Spring Blossoms Around Town

Most of the winter's snow has gone from the front lawns around our town. Some homeowners have been busy cleaning up and raking around their properties. Early spring blossoms are taking a chance and poking up in numerous locations. They will soon wither, hastened along by spring rains and then mowers. View Photos

05/03/23 - Service Club Buildings - A Part of Our Town

Service Clubs and Fellowship Organizations that are attended over the years by a Town's residents eventually will acquire a building that becomes the focal point for the organization's activities. In addition to the primary use, these buildings become the location for other activities like birthday parties, wedding receptions, charity fundraisers and community service. The concept for this website was to record events and the physical structures and locations that make up our town of Gander. Service Club buildings and the activities that take place there-in are one part of "Gander Our Town".   View Photos

05/03/13 - Doin' It for Dialysis Telethon

The local Lions Club teamed up with The Central Northeast Health Foundation and Rogers Cable to hold a live Telethon on our local Cable 9 channel. The event was needed to complete the fundraising of four hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to provide a Kidney Dialysis Clinic in Gander's James Paton Memorial Hospital. With the treatment now available locally Patients and their families are releaved of the burden of frequent traveling. At the outset Telethon organizers were hoping to raise eighty thousand dollars. By the end of the day the grand total came to $120,000 plus.   View Photos

04/12/30 - Flags of Newfoundland and Labrador - Republic of Newfoundland Flag

The Republic of Newfoundland Flag has been reintroduced into the current Newfoundland and Labrador conscience. To become familiar with the history of all of Newfoundland's Flags you can Click Here to get the details from The Free Encyclopedia.

04/11/27 - Gander Day Soapbox Derby - An Event from Our Past.

Back in the early 1980s Gander Day consisted of events that ran over a long weekend. One such event that seems to have disappeared and faded into the past is the Soapbox Derby. The Derby was run on Hamilton Street where the slope was such that once some of the cars got going it was hard to get them stopped. From the first photo we can see the two starting ramps. Each car and driver were held at the top of a ramp until the starter gave the word. Once a car cleared the ramp it was all downhill from there. The usual means of braking was with a lever on the side of the car. An enlargement of a section of the first photo shows the legendary metal cart that over time proved unbeatable. View Photos

04/10/12 - Added Link to Gander Arts and Culture Centre

The way to improve something that you find usefull is to suggest an addition that would increase its usefulness to yourself and to others. One of the frequent visitors to this website has done just that. He sent along a suggestion for a link to the Gander Arts and Culture Centre website which offers a Calendar of Events and Box Office Information. This link has been added to the Links page under "Gander Connections". Thanks Jim
To suggest a link or to contact the Gander Our Town Webmaster send an email to

04/10/07 - Misplaced Carts, October 07, 2004

Have you ever noticed the number of apparently abandoned shopping carts that appear along Airport Boulevard from the K of C to the Curling Club? They were first noticed early summer and have been a curiosity up to the present. Who pushes their purchases only this far toward their home and then continues on with bags in hand? Maybe we have a misguided entrepreneur similar to the "Bubbles" character from the "Trailer Park Boys" television series whose idea of a business plan was to on purpose misplace shopping carts, then collect them and eventually return the carts to the store for a finders fee. Who knows? Only continued observation may solve this mystery. View Photos

04/09/25 - An Unexpected Windfall, September 25, 2004

Gander and area experienced a continuous 3 to 4 days of heavy rain and high winds prior to this photo being taken. Imagine that you are sitting inside your house and hear a loud crash. You rush to look out the front of your house to find that there are leaves and large branches blocking the bedroom windows and your front door. Later you realize that you were lucky that the tree didnot invite itself into your front living room. View Photos

04/08/28 - A Different Camping Experience, August 20, 2004

It would be a different experience to tour the country in the bus/camper that visited Gander this summer. View Photo. Built on a Mercedes Benz chassis the front part is a standard bus. The rear half is another matter. The bunks for the passengers are visible in the photo but the other side folds out to make a cooking area complete with tables. It must be the cause of many conversations when it pulls into a campground and sets up for overnight.

04/08/21 - Water Skipping on Soulis Pond, August 21, 2004

It was a hazy Saturday afternoon. A fair crowd was along the side of the pond attending Benton's Community Celebrations. The recipe for a bit of excitement was to take one Ski-doo, one driver and add them to water. The Ski-doo and driver made it 300 meters from shore before the Ski-doo disappeared beneath the pond surface. A personal water craft dragged the Ski-doo close enough for a rope from shore to be attached. The final few feet to shore were accomplished manually with many hands making for light work to get the Ski-doo and driver once again on dry land. View Photos

04/08/20 - Why on Our Walls?, August 20, 2004

Over the last two weeks someone has been adding their expressions to a large number of the walls around town. While the person posses a flair for expressing themselves graphically their choice of delivery method could be seen as in poor taste. The artist remains unknown but should the "Fear Captive" be a self portrait then they should change their focus from not being heard to not going "inside" where there are locks and fences. View Photos

04/06/28 - Ride for Sight, June 26 and 27, 2004

Motorcyclists from all over the Island of Newfoundland converged on Gander to participate in the 2004 Ride for Sight. All the various motorcycle types and models made for an impressive display in the parking lot of the Gander Community Center. There were sunny skys to greet the bikers on Saturday, June 26. View Day One Photos  A number of Riders took the time to enter their ride in the Show and Shine Competition. View Photos  On Sunday, June 27 the rainy weather required the Blessing of the Bikes to be held inside but the Parade through the town's streets went ahead as usual. View Day Two Photos. The real reason for the Ride for Sight is to raise funds for The Foundation Fighting Blindness and this year's provincial total was $200,000. Visit the National Ride for Sight Website.

04/06/06 - Gander's War Graves Cemetery

Today, Canada as a country remembers the commitment of its soldiers that took part in the D-Day invasion of Europe. The military ceremony that takes place on the shores of Normandy is attended by people of many nationalities. Gander's War Graves Cemetery is the final resting place for a number of soldiers of many nationalities. The cemetery is extremely well cared for and worthy of a quiet visit to a special place. View Photos  
A new website about the Gander War Cemetery has been developed and is part of a series of websites called Canada's Digital Collections.

04/05/20 - Nobody Living has seen a Transit of Venus

"On June 8, Maryland and most of the inhabited world will have a chance to witness one of the rarest spectacles in Nature - the Transit of Venus. It is the most infrequent of solar "eclipses." The last time it occurred was Dec. 6, 1882, and all who saw it then are gone." -
Follow the links at for information on when to view a webcast of the Live event.

04/05/16 - Springtime Rollout

As the snowbanks of Winter melt away, once again Aircraft are visible on the ramp at Gander International Airport. Also emerging from winter storage, numerous Float Planes get their Springtime rollout. View Photos

04/04/29 - Around Gander International Airport

There are many pictures that everyone associates with the area around Gander International Airport. But if you spend time exploring around on the many lesser used roads and spaces you notice things that the casual visitor may miss or not have the occasion to view. View Photos

04/04/12 - Church Buildings in Gander

From initial conception the mission of the Gander Our Town website was to highlight the major events that happen in Our Town and to present the local architecture and scenery that makes up Our Town. The page of Church Buildings (View Photos) is the first architecture installment with numerous more to follow.

04/03/23 - Winter's Layers, March 22, 2004

Scientists spend years looking at the exposed end-on layers of sedimentary rocks pondering the meaning and age of the various strata. Around Gander the process of widening Town streets has exposed the insides of some snowbanks. The layers of snow deposited by the succession of winter storms and light snowfalls can be examined and pondered upon but this opportunity will soon melt away with the rays of the springtime sun. View Photos

04/03/11 - Snowbanks after the Storm, March 11, 2004

Once the snowstorm ended, the cleanup began. Some homeowners were beginning to run out of space to put the snow from their driveways. The Town of Gander Municipal Works Crews have added to the piles in front of the houses by using their snowblowers to widen the streets. Some houses are starting to disappear if you view them from the street. View Photos
You can view the amount of snow that ends up on a typical Gander front lawn over the course of this winter. View 2003-2004 SnowFall Photos  Updates appear as snow arrives or melts.

04/02/26 - Rocks on the Road II, October 10, 2003

Out of the house for their daily stroll, users of the walking paths in the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest may have noticed a pile of rocks placed on the side of road. The exact significance of the arrangement is unknown but its proximity to the shell of a rotting tree would indicate it was put there with some purpose. It was photographed October 10, 2003. View Photos
Earlier the summer another arrangement of rocks were on display, this time on the road. Someone made the effort to add the thin layers of shale to the larger end rocks as the final touch to their artwork. View Photos

04/02/19 - One Day at Gander International Airport

July 11, 2003 was a beautiful summer's day, especially if you were into plane watching. Three of the large Russian built transport aircraft were parked around the airport. A Military Awacs plane had been buzzing low over the runways to record some sort of measurements, giving a terrific view of this older but still functional aircraft. As the sun was setting a 747 landed and took up a space on the airport ramp next to the overnighting Russian transport planes.
View Photos

04/02/14 - Appleton Winter-Fest - Snow Sculptures and Axe Throwing

Each year, one of Gander's neighboring towns, Appleton holds a Winter Festival. The four day event is well attended with numerous varied activities taking place. Many of the participants ride their snow machines to and from the events utilizing the Trans-Canada Trail which runs by the Appleton Town Hall, the site for many of the activities.
Snow Sculptures are presented on a number of front lawns. The sculptors take the time to turn their snowbanks into the colorfull creations that keep you looking for the next one as you drive around the community. The Axe Throwing Competition is sure to draw a crowd with the ladies event sometimes hedging the men's in popularity. The Carnation Bake-Off always produces tables of mouth watering baked goods and deserts. The high point of the Bake-Off is the savagely contested Cheese Cake category. The winner gets the year long bragging rights and traditionally supplies the 2nd place finisher a crying towel. View Photos    

04/02/05 - Sabena Crash Site

On September18, 1946 a Sabena Airlines DC-4 crashed in the woods southwest of Gander. The remoteness of the crash site made it the perfect opportunity to test the still new but emerging helicopter technology. The United States Coast Guard responded with a helicopter being flown in to Gander Airport in an Army Transport plane. The pilot of the helicopter Commander Stewart R. Graham was an aviation pioneer and his biography appears on a US Coast Guard website. See the ninth paragraph for details of his involvement in the "Miracle at Gander" rescue.
After 57 years the crash site still exists. A few years back Gander's 103 Rescue Squadron tended the graves and erected a monument at "St Martin's In The Woods" as the crash site has become known. View Photos

04/01/17 - Snow Photos 2003-2004

It was a "Record for that Day" snowfall that arrived in blizzard conditions January 16, 2004. Snowmobilers are now able to enjoy their sport in safety as the ice on the ponds is suitably thick after a week of temperatures in the minus teens. In an attempt to provide a gauge as to the amount of snow that ends up on a typical Gander front lawn this web site features a photo record of yearly snowfalls. View 2003-2004 Photos   Updates will appear as snow arrives or melts.
Last years snowfall photos from January to early March are available for comparison. View 2003 Photos
Compare snow amounts  January 17, 2003  to  January 17, 2004

04/01/02 - Happy New Year

The new year arriving lets everyone take some time to look back and reflect on the things that happened in 2003 and to look forward to 2004. All of us hope to improve and build on the accomplishments or things put in place in the past year. This resolve some times results in a physical change that can be easily seen.
A new town street after it has been laid out and the utilities run holds a large amount of potential for positive change. The questions of "What will the end result be when completed?" and "What will it be like to live there?" could apply to both the new street and the upcoming year.
Over the past year the ground work was completed for the extension of Airport Boulevard. View Photos  If we give it some time, what will be the end result?

03/12/23 - Christmas Lights around Gander - St. Martin's Anglican New Steeple

Each year the spirit of the Christmas season spurs homeowners to put up lights to decorate their homes and neighbourhoods. Some aim to be the best lit house on their street or area and the extra effort shows. Also included is a photo of the Nativity Scene in front of St. Martin's Anglican Church and a photo of the Church at night highlighting it's new Steeple.  View Photos
Some frosty, early morning November 27, 2003 photos show the new Steeple in the parking lot at the side of the church and the soon to be replaced Steeple sitting at the mid-point atop the church. One month later the new Steeple is in place situated over the front entrance of the church. View Photos

03/12/06 - Santa Claus Parade 2003

The Annual Santa Claus Parade wound through the Streets of Gander to the delight of the young and old that lined the parade route. View Photos

03/12/12 - Arrow Air Disaster Memorial Service

The Memorial Service was held at the permanent Memorial that is situated in the middle of the actual Crash Site on the shore of Gander Lake. View Photos  The following History is from the last page of the printed program handed out at the service.

The worst air disaster to ever take place on Canadian soil occurred at Gander on December 12, 1985 at 6:46 am.
The disaster came shortly after an Arrow Airlines DC-8 jetliner, under charter to the United States Defence Department, took off from Gander where it had taken on 100,000 pounds of fuel. It left runway 22, gaining little altitude after rotation and began to descend crossing the Trans Canada Highway approximately 900ft/275m beyond the departure end of Runway 22. The aircraft continued to descend until it struck down sloping terrain approximately 3000ft beyond the departure point of the runway.
The aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and severe fuel fed fire. All 256 occupants on board sustained fatal injuries.
In addition to 8 crew members, the aircraft was carrying 248 men and women of the 101st Airborne Division to their home base at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
The US Military Personnel were returning home to Hopkinsville, Kentucky for Christmas from the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt where they had been on assignment as a Peacekeeping Force.

03/12/10 - Welcome to Gander Our Town

It has been one full year since the launch of Gander Our Town. Pictures of the 2002 Santa Claus Parade were the first event to appear on the site. Photos of this year's Parade are available. View Photos  Gander Our Town presents photos of events that have taken place in our town over the last year and will continue to add new events as they happen. Clicking on the word "Photos" in the Navigation Bar that remains at the top of every page will present a list of past event Photos that are available for viewing or you can Click here to view the Photo List Page.


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