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07/12/25 - Outside Christmas Lights

Houses with outdoor Christmas lights add to the glow of this special time of year. An almost full moon along with the always on street lights illuminate the surrounding areas. After a Christmas Day of rain the compressed snow seems to allow a clearer view of our neighbors' decorating efforts. (View Photo)

07/12/16 - Roadside Improvements

This September 11, 2007 photo captures the Town of Gander Public Works Department reestablishing the roadside ditch on the section of Magee Road nearest to Cobb's Pond. Some heavy equipment, a large rock, a bit of traffic, and the impressive backdrop of the pond and surrounding trees attracted a photographer's eye. (View Photo)

07/12/09 - The Building on the Corner

The Blundon Building was a fixture on the corner of Airport Boulevard and Bennett Drive since before 1980. One longterm tennant was Light and Power, whose offices occupied a large portion of the ground floor. Over the years it has provided space for insurance companies, union and Government offices. This October 21, 2007 photo shows the now vacant building awaiting demolition. (View Photo)

07/12/01 - Santa Comes to Town at Night

It was a cold clear night when Santa made an appearance at the end of his Parade this year. We can guess that holding the parade at night helps with his schedule as he needs to be everywhere during the holiday season. The townspeople rose to the occasion and added lights to an increased number of floats. This made for a totally new experience for those watching. View Photos

07/11/24 - A Means of Conveyance

You find them resting, waiting at the end of a deserted pathway that once lead to a well known location. These cars and the others like them were the means of getting around for the fortunate few that rated having a car during Gander's early years. While the at one time surrounding buildings have been removed the yearly veil of leaves concealed their presence. They have been captured in these May 11, 2007 photos (View Photos) revealed only for a short time in the early spring before the tree buds turn green, unfold and hide them once again.

07/11/16 - A Quick Stop Along the Way

When the weather is right the scene shown in this May 16, 2007 photo (View Larger) is repeated many times in the run of a day. A small business jet has dropped into Gander to quickly take on the necessary fuel and supplies to continue on to its destination. The company providing this service has been rated as one of the top in the world which helps to keep Gander International Airport in the minds of the world's aviation community.

07/11/08 - Ready for a Foundation

Another building lot on Armstrong Boulevard has been cleared as shown in this May 19, 2007 photo.(View Larger) After a bit of slow going over the summer months, a foundation has recently taken shape as the leaves continue to fall.

07/10/30 - It's Scary at the End of My Street

They're rising up out of the ground. Anticipating the events of All Hallo's Eve. Ghoulish beings and apparitions are poised to appear in your neighbourhood. Ready your sweets to offer at your door to assure you move along the fiendish looking hoards. Once the flurry of ghostly activity is over they will again sink to lie back, waiting for next year. (View Larger)

07/10/14 - Don Bartlett Curling Classic 2007

A respectable number of curling fans filled the Gander Community Center to view some of the world's best curlers pursuing their sport. The October 12, 2007 photos (View Photos) show the early action of the Friday 8:00 pm draw #8. This years winner was Shawn Adams of Nova Scotia with a 5-3 win in the Final over Randy Ferbey of Alberta.

07/10/09 - There was a Moose on the Loose in the Spruce

While on a mountain bike ride in the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest I was anticipating the next incline. When I rounded a corner an abrupt stop was required. The cow mouse shown in these August 23, 2007 photos (View Larger) was occupying the road. After backing off a safe distance a photo-op took place. Eventually the cow moved off to high ground but continued to watch from the safety of the trees.

07/09/26 - Reconstruction in the Town Square

Reconstruction continues and the building is taking shape in this August 26, 2007 photo. (View Larger)  A former Elizabeth Drive Shopping Center business that was forced to relocate after the December 2004 fire can now focus clearly on a grand reopening event. An earlier June 23, 2007 photo of the construction site was shown in a previous post. (View Photo)

07/09/12 - Targa Newfoundland 2007 - Glenwood Stage 2-1

With the streets of the Town of Glenwood lined with safety tape and volunteer Marshals the timed stage of the Targa Newfoundland Rally can begin. The Grand Touring Division cars (View Photos) are the first to go through the route and then comes the faster Targa Division.(View Photos) Once completed without delay the cars transition at normal speed to the next timed stage of the day.

07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Newfoundland's Premiere Fireworks Display

Look up as fireworks fill the sky. (View Photos) The pyrotechnics bring many oohs and aahs from the crowd. It is the end of a perfect day and another successful Festival of Flight.

07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Balloons In Flight

A number of Balloonists assembled with their airships in Gander for Festival of Flight 2007. Despite the overall windy conditions a number of flights were made. The first morning of the Festival if you were up early you could view all the balloons in flight. An attempt was made to fly the Canadian balloon in the Community Center parking lot during the Co-op Breakfast. Wind gusts kept the flight very short.  Finally luck struck on Gander Day and the wind settled to below 3 knots allowing two balloons to take flight in front of the crowd at Cobb's Pond.


07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Gander Day Festivities at Cobb's Pond

Follow the crowd heading to the Pond and feel the attraction of the twirling rides. Some rides need pilots, others drivers and for some you are consumed by the need to hold on tight. When the spinning stops you hear the barker's call to visit the games and other concessions.
(View Photos)

07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - A Pony Ride Before the Ducks Drop

With sounds of the Musicfest in the background and the Sun beaming down a pony and his rider are lead around the path.(View Photos) The crowd builds slowly then a helicopter hovers overhead. Suddenly the sling releases three thousand yellow rubber ducks to do what yellow rubber ducks can do. Drop.

07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Musicfest at Cobb's Pond

Bring your folding chairs and coolers for the Annual Musicfest at the Pond. The entertainers include a smattering of local musicians and bands, a "We get together once a year for Music Fest" group,a "We drove a long way to get here" female band and a nationally well known Newfoundland duo. (View Photos)

07/08/06 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Traditional Newfoundland Breakfast

It is always a good start to the day to attend the Gander Co-op Traditional Breakfast. Newfoundland breakfast favorites are served up by notable guests. Meet with your friends and family while local entertainers add just the right amount of Newfoundland music. (View Photos)

07/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Newfoundland's Biggest Kitchen Party

The Kitchen Party is a must attend event. You meet up with all your old friends, schoolmates, and neighbours making it a lively time indeed. A solid lineup of featured bands kept the music rocking and swaying as the night went on. Airship offered up some older numbers and then Abbey Road reminded us of the vast expanse of the Beatles' music. To do the time up proper 8 Track Favorites kept the crowded dance floor shaking and swaying with their renditions of familiar country classics. (View Photos)

07/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Festival of Flight Parade

Once again its that time of year when visitors and townspeople line the streets for the annual Festival of Flight Parade. Moving past are the Skyhawks Parachute Team, a gaggle of golf carts, Demolition Derby Cars, our Local Gymnastics Club, Balloonists riding in wicker baskets in the back of their trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters over head and of course Commander Gander overseeing it all. (View Parade Photos)

07/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Fun Fly at Taxiway Charlie

Its time to head out onto the tarmac at Taxiway Charlie to view Fun Fly 2007. The province's radio controlled model airplane enthusiasts have brought their best and we get to watch them take to the sky. Also our Search and Rescue Squadron are providing tours of their Commorant Helicopter. (View Photos)

07/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2007 - Commander Gander Road Run

After some last minute instructions the starter pistol sounds and off go the participants. The course is sized with a length to suit all levels of ability. The 10k run goes to Gander's International Airport and then returns back through town to the start. All the athletes are applauded as they finish their run. (View Photos)

07/07/28 - Front Yard Flowers on Fraser Road

It's the time of year when homeowner's flowers are in full bloom. To fully appreciate the view you have to slow down when driving by. Weeks of planting, weeding and careful watering have resulted in the colorful spectacle for all to see. (View Photo)

07/07/22 - Reconstruction in the Town Square

A business forced to relocate by the December 3, 2004 fire has started reconstruction near its' former location in the Gander Town Square. The June 23, 2007 photo (View Photo) shows the early stages of this development. Photos of the fire aftermath and the cleaned up area remind us of the loss experienced at the time. (View Photos)

07/07/16 - Rayham Avenue Extention

The town of Gander is expanding to the north. The dirt road made to appear where there was recently only trees will eventually join onto Rayham Ave and link Cooper Boulevard to Magee Road. Also planned is the construction of a new Gander Firehall close to the area shown in this June 23, 2007 photo. (View Photo)

07/07/06 - Royal Airforce Piggery in Gander

Nestled in the woods near Gander International Airport are the ruins of a one time pig farm that has a historical interest. Photos taken June 3, 2007 (View Photos) show the site of the Piggery with the main reference points being the foundation of the main building and the still standing remains of the smoke house.
During the WWII the local Royal Airforce Commander realized that the large amount of waste food available could be used to operate a pig farm. He convinced Joseph Smallwood at the time a pig farmer on Kenmount Road in St John's to run the operation. Joey Smallwood moved to Gander and while on RAF business in Montreal first learned of Britain's plans for the colony of Newfoundland's future. He decided to pursue an active part in the changes and was elected for the district containing Gander. Due to the British Government's rule that you must be a resident of the district you represent Joey's move to Gander can be seen as an opportune step in his becoming a Father of Confederation and the first Premier of the Province of Newfoundland.

07/06/25 - Motorcycle Parking at the Ride for Sight 2007

Once again motorcycle enthusiasts converged in Gander on their annual Ride For Sight. During the event the parking lots of the local hotels showcase the up scale cycles from all over the province.(View Photos) Often the riders of a particular brand of motorcycle have formed a club and book into a designated hotel so that if you tour the parking lot you can see classics from that brand right up to the most recent offering. The most commendable aspect of the event is that each bike and rider taking part has raised an amount that goes to their chosen charity the Foundation Fighting Blindness. For more information about the Ride For Sight be sure to checkout their national website.

07/06/18 - Hidden from View

Dominating one wall and the room is the Mural in the International Lounge at Gander International Airport. It was painted and completed to coincide with the Terminal opening by Queen Elizabeth in 1959. The painting deals with the many aspects of flight and humanity. When the need to enhance security by separating international and domestic passengers was identified the opportunity for the general public to view the mural became greatly reduced. With the installation of a domestic access walkway through the international lounge the mural has become even more hidden from view as shown in this June 2, 2007 photo. (View Photo)

07/06/10 - Positioned at the End of the Finger

Arriving in Gander after a flight across the Pond from Poland. The jetliner taxis on the airport ramp towards the service trucks and slides into position as directed by the parking marshall in these July 27, 2006 photos (View Photos). Once the engines have been shutdown the service vehicles will approach the aircraft, add some fuel and make it ready for the next leg of its journey.

07/05/31 - Houses Around the Sides

With a hint of the snow to come lining the edges of the road and shoreline this November 26, 2006 photo (View Larger) shows the new houses that border on the pond. Now that Spring has arrived and the Winter's snows have melted more new housing is being developed on two sides of the now "not so remote" Cobb's Pond Park.

07/05/22 - Hidden in the Trees II

A springtime sunny day walk in the woods revealed this purposefully constructed shelter. Shielding from the elements is provided on all sides with the closing of a plywood door. Sheet metal covers the roof and a bare cot spring occupies most of the interior floor space. There was no sign of recent occupation but it lies waiting vacant in these May 16, 2007 photos. (View Photos)

07/05/06 - B-17 "Liberty Belle" visits Gander International Airport

From the memory of some aviation buffs it had been 17 or 20 years since a B-17 was on the tarmac in Gander. The once familiar drone of the four engines was heard again as "Liberty Belle" touched down to make a two day visit. The bomber is shown in front of Briggs' Aero who hosted the public display. If walking around the WWII vintage plane was not enough you could climb up the ladder and visit the cockpit, the perspex nose area and then make your way over the bomb bay doors to visit the tail gunners position under the tail. The August 4, 2007 photo shown is only a teaser. View all the photos.

More information about the history of B-17's and of "Liberty Belle" can be found at  

07/04/29 - A Rare Grouping

Most people would find it normal to see one of the familiar blue container boxes speeding along our highways on the back of a transport truck. In Gander it is rare to see a grouping of off-loaded containers waiting to be unloaded as shown in this April 28, 2007 photo (View Photo)

07/04/21 - Gander International Airport

Gander International's Terminal Building was originally constructed in 1958 and it appears front and center in this September 26, 2006 photo (View Larger) The red roofed building that is having its finishing touches completed houses Irving Aviation Services, a privately owned service provider. Behind the many autos in the parking lot we can see the tail of a military transport plane parked on the ramp.
We all realize that buildings or Airports do not operate themselves. Largely hidden from the view of the many passengers that pass through the buildings are a necessary workforce of local people from our surrounding communities that make our airport run. If some part of this workforce were to abandon the airport or be suddenly made to disappear would the airport still remain safely fully functional?

07/04/11 - Retired to a Teaching Position

After years of active service the two fuselage sit in the rear storage yard of the College of the North Atlantic Gander Campus. A gate open for winter snow-plowing allowed this March 24, 2007 photo (View Larger)  The registration numbers are clearly visible. After a search on the internet that also produces images of when they were flying. We learn that the the fuselage on the left is of a 1973 vintage 737. The plane was retired after a mishap in 2001 at St. John's Airport left its landing gear severely damaged. The smaller body is from a Dash-8 that was produced in 1989, flew with Air Nova in the 90s and was retired from the Air Canada Jazz fleet in 2005.

07/04/03 - An AN-124 has Its' Cargo Exposed

After an off the side of the runway event an AN-124 was given a a new set of tires and a through all over visual inspection. A second AN-124 sits on the ramp ready to receive the cargo from the damaged plane and deliver it to destination. The series of photos taken April 03, 2007 show the first half of the long transfer process. The heavy single piece of cargo was extracted and placed onto the airport apron. (View Photos)

07/03/25 - Save Our Airport - Save Our Region

The Community Action Committee made up of local citizens organized a rally as a show of concern for the long term viability of Gander International Airport. The target attendance figure of two hundred was exceeded as an audience of three to four hundred packed the salons of Hotel Gander. They heard from the Committee, a number local musicians,Mayors, provincial and federal politicians. The Committee now waits to hear a date for a meeting with our province's federal representative. In the March 25, 2007 photo (View Photo) the Air Cadet Band performs for the full house.

07/03/18 - Warm Weather Makes the Snow Go

As recently as last weekend winter sports and recreation enthusiasts could get on the snow and go. From this March 18, 2007 photo (View Photo) you get the picture that what is going now is the snow. A late Sheila's Brush storm may arrive but without a base of built up snow the best of the snow activities season has past.

07/03/11 - Birds that go South

In order to go south during the colder months of the year you might need a helpfull travel agent, a passport, vaccinations and a charter airline with a ready to go airplane. These summer of 2006 photos (View Photos) show some of the planes that make going south in winter convenient doing their summer jobs. Cheap airfare summer seat sales allow the charter companies to run these planes three times a week in the period when a regular daily schedule airline should be fully loaded and making the money to keep its regular routes viable. Just when the rush of passengers eases the charter airlines will move their planes to Europe or another part of the world leaving the daily schedule airline to just break even with half loads until Christmas.

07/03/04 - Gander's Winter Carnival - Snow Sculptures on Front Lawns

Why not turn that pile of snow on your front lawn into your own bit of artistic expression. The Annual Snow Sculpture Contest is a part of the Winter Carnival that makes a lasting impression and brightens the neighbourhood during the often drab winter weather. One sculptor told me that the tools of the trade are a pair of warm mittens, a machete, two shovels and as the finishing touch a small amount of water paint mixed in a spray bottle.

Depending on the size of your helpers and the time available things can get very elaborate as is shown in the photo of the 100 years of Scouting sculptures.(View Larger) On Hawker Crescent a Polar Bear has decided to do some fishing. He seems quite harmless and I am sure the residents of the street are happy to have him visit. A Curling sculpture has taken over an Elizabeth Drive household's driveway and allows them to support their favorite team. Commander Gander can be seen holding down a corner of the Scout Camp on Gordon Street.(View Photos)

07/02/23 - A New Location for a Long Time Gander Business

It seems that the time has come for a change of location for Jim Penny Ford that has been operating from its present location on Airport Boulevard for upwards of three decades.(View February 14, 2007 Photo) . The long established car dealership has a new building progressing to a possibly late spring opening date as shown in the February 18, 2007 photo. (View Larger)

07/02/16 - Construction Continues on the Airport Ramp

The new permanent Irving Aviation Building is shown in the midst of the construction process in this July 16, 2006 photo (View Larger). The original structure pictured with trees in front was meant to be a temporary short term installation but remained in service for more than a decade.

07/02/08 - Snow Made Neat and Tidy but Watch the Ice

Its been awhile since new snow has fallen but the streets have been made neat and tidy by the Town's snow clearing workforce. The biggest trouble in getting around is the ice and hard snow that is everywhere underfoot. Snowmobileers and cross-country skiing enthusiasts eagerly await the next powdery dumping that is sure to come. The photo shows an area along the curve on Byrd Avenue in its presently frozen state, February 8, 2007. (View Larger)

07/01/28 - Trees on the Side at Twin Ponds

Late fall conditions existed when this photo was captured, November 14, 2006. (View Larger) The leaves have left the birch trees and ice skims the water along the shore. It will be the end of January before any sizeable amount of snow exists or the ponds freeze sufficiently to allow skating or snowmobiling.

07/01/23 - Its the Pits.

If you have ever asked where are they hauling all that rock from here in Gander then the answer is shown in these September 26, 2006 photos.(View Photos) In recent memory the pit pictured has supplied the rock to resurface both Airport runways, and to provide a base for the Roe Avenue retail area. Also of note is the large bank of discarded pavement on the left hand side of the pit along with a number of discarded concrete storm sewer catch basins.

07/01/15 - The Gander Weather Office Reopens

Largely the result of a reported 125 thousand signatures on a petition the Gander Weather Office has been repatriated to our province. The January 9, 2007, 11 am. forecast was the first issued from the new facility with an open house for the general public taking place the following day. The photos taken January 10, 2007 (View Photos) show some of the work areas in use with satellite feeds,weather radar, charts and graphs appearing on the monitors around the room. When the Weather Center is fully staffed it will return to the bustle of activity that it once was.

07/01/09 - A Willingness to Serve in the Time of Vital Need

As a reminder of past service given the Hudson Bomber sits on the old terminal ramp, July 9, 2005 (View Larger Photo). The movie Above and Beyond brought to life the service the Newfoundland Airport at Gander provided allowing the ferrying of Aircraft to war in Europe in a moment of vital need. In the distance we see the present day Terminal Building that was constructed at the end of the era when Gander was the Crossroads of the World providing a safe haven to land for a must do fuel stop for propeller driven passenger planes that flew over the North Atlantic. Today the planes that fly daily London to New York and back again twelve hours later never touch down but their flight plans maintain Gander Airport as their technical stop in the event of vital need in an emergency.


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