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08/12/21 - Just Before Christmas While the Lady Of The House Was Out

It was in that period in any home just before Christmas when the ornaments and decorations are down from the attic but are somewhat still in the storage boxes. Also it was the time of year when there are presents around that have yet to be wrapped as gifts. This was one of those days and the Lady of the House was out. What could happen? (View the larger photo and the accompanying festive tale.)

08/12/06 - Santa's Parade 2008

Once again Santa found his way to Gander to ride on his float at this years annual Santa Claus Parade. This is the second year that the parade was held at night. The float makers are getting better at using the festive lights of the season to add sparkle to their creations. (View Photos)

08/11/30 - Old Gander's Bridge

Gander has a bridge that water has flowed under for 60 years. A regional reestablishing of drainage infrastructure due to recent flooding events has unveiled this structure. While the concrete shows the effects of the years it stands firm in the late fall sunlight. November 25, 2008 photo. (View Photo)

08/11/18 - Entering Gander

With a myriad of signage the Trans-Canada Highway enters Gander. This November 14, 2008 photo (View Larger) shows the noontime traffic at the Cooper Boulevard exit.

08/11/08 - Late Bloomers

Two bushes of Mums were purchased in Nova Scotia where they were a match to the warmer climate then whisked on to Newfoundland. Needing all of our shorter growing season to get going they recently opened their blooms. A November 8, 2008 photo (View Photo) shows them weathering the day covered in rain droplets.

08/10/31 - The Happy Witch of the Candy Dish

This time of year you might get caught up in deciding "Which Witch is Which?" When it comes to the Witch shown with her pumpkin pals in this Halloween snapshot (View Photo) she is definitely one of the good kind and offers treats to all that come near.

08/10/23 - Trans-Canada Trailway Gander Kiosk Unveiling

A long awaited Trans-Canada Trailway Gander Kiosk was unveiled during the 2008 Festival of Flight. Dispite the light rain showers, once the plaques were uncovered those present were eager to view the list of Trailway sponsor names. The later photos show the plaques permanently attached to the kiosk framework. (View Photos)

08/10/14 - Sunset on Square Pond

It was the perfect fall camping weekend, warm and not too windy. Arguably the best of the summer. Just before lighting a campfire this September 27, 2008 photo (View Photo) was captured to solidify our memories of the day.

08/10/07 - C-17 Globemaster III at Gander International Airport

A familiar sight in the skys and on the tarmac around Gander International is the military C-17 Globemaster III. These planes provide the load carrying ability to the worlds airforces that at one time was the task of the venerable C-130 Hercules propeller driven transport. View the complete July 27, 2007 photo

08/09/29 - The Emerging Gambo Gorge

The possibility of a washout of the Trans-Canada Highway above Gambo has been on the lips and minds of the people of this region. Luckily, with some quick action and then constant monitoring the danger has past. Work crews have remedied the problems by landscaping the sides of the Gorge from the top where it crosses the old Trans-Canada to the bottom deep on the up-hill side of the highway. A new culvert has been installed and the section of highway above it has been strengthened. The effects of the initial flooding is still being felt by some local residents but the September 13, 2008 photos (View Photos) show that the chance of a reoccurrence has been greatly reduced.

08/09/18 - A Mishap on the Targa Newfoundland 2008 Course

Targa Newfoundland 2008 was in progress on the streets of Gander. Then the flow of cars stopped. An accident had occurred near the start of the course on Rayham Avenue. A parked car was struck by an unfortunate rally participant. The September 16, 2008 photos capture the rally car undergoing repairs later that night in the pit area. Damage to the parked car is evident as it awaits a wrecker on Rayham Avenue. In the final photo the body of the yellow Cobalt has been returned to a semblance of normal but there appears to still be some front end damage to be repaired before the rally's early morning start. View Larger Photos

08/09/10 - Pond-side at Joe Batt's

A mid-July view of a local pond shows the eel grass just starting to break the surface. It is prime time to paddle a canoe along the shore to enjoy the annual re-emergence of nature. July 19, 2008 Photo. View Photo

08/09/01 - Touch and Go

While taking a rest on the side of the Newfoundland Trailway a butterfly attracted attention. Quick action with a camera recorded the brief pauses in the insects wide ranging flight on August 23, 2008. View Photo

08/08/24 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Newfoundland's Premiere Fireworks Display

When the traditional Gander Day festivities draw to a close people start to look up. This year was different as they now felt the rain on their face instead of it hitting a hat, umbrella or tent. The same happened when I pointed a camera skyward to capture some firework photos rain specs appeared on the lens. To state the results in a positive way we can say that the raindrops provided enhancing highlights to some photos. View Photos

08/08/17- Ready to Open Soon

With the addition of this retailer's faceplates and some pavement the doors will open for business. Gone are the empty parking lots of the Blundon Building and the pizza franchise. Being creatures of habit we will soon find steering our cars into the new parking lot a familiar event. May 11, 2008 Photo. View Larger

08/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Gander Day Musicfest

It is an annual tradition that puts local bands and musicians on stage where they can entertain those seated on the grass. The music ranges from the most modern to the oldest Irish tune and is sure to please. Also in close proximity was a trampoline assisted bungee corded acrobatic apparatus. Needless to say things were kept hopping all day. View Photos

08/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Charity Duck Drop

The Central Northeast Health Foundation has their ducks lined up again this years fundraiser. Watch for the helicopter, keep your eyes on the bag at the end of the sling. Here they come. Splashdown on top of the target. View Photos

08/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Gander Day Festivities

Check out the fun and excitement all along the midway. There are rides for big, small and the downright fearless. Later you can try your luck at the games of skill and chance. View Photos

08/08/04 - Festival of Flight 2008 - 22nd Annual Festival of Flight Parade

The people of Gander are lining up along the streets. It is time for the annual Festival of Flight Parade. This year Gander is Golden. Fifty years as a town and proud of it. View Photos

08/08/03 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Commander Gander Road Race

Some have been training for months and today is their chance. It is the Commander Gander Road Race which is an annual event which this year is organized by Gander's newly formed running club. Though it may not show on their faces a cool and wet day is perfect for their sport. View Photos

08/08/02 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Great Big Anniversary Concert

It was a Great Big Anniversary Concert featuring Great Big Sea at Cobb's Pond Rotary Park. Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea summed it all up near the end of the night. Where else but in Newfoundland can you go to a concert with a full lineup of bands of this high caliber and they all be local bands.

The Novaks

The Navigators

Ron Hynes

Hey Rosetta!

Rex Goudie

Great Big Sea


08/08/01 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Newfoundland's Biggest Kitchen Party

What a party that goes on! Two of the best bands in our province, Abbey Road and Blue Eyed Blonde provide just the right type of music. Add to this party atmosphere all your friends and neighbors. The best part is still undecided between dancing to the music or the chance encounters with old friends from away. View Photos

08/08/01 - Festival of Flight 2008 - 3-0n-3 Basketball

The 3 player teams arrived and took to the half courts in St. Paul's Gym. View Photos of the spirited action.

08/07/30 - Festival of Flight 2008 - Opening Carnival

Let's have a Carnival to celebrate that Gander is Golden (50 Years) and the start of the Festival of Flight 2008. There were games of skill, a magician, lots of refreshments and a clown show that filled the afternoon. View Photos of this family oriented event.

08/07/20 - Streamside at Benton

A short walk on the abandoned railway bed from Benton brings you to Soulis Brook. Cross the trestle and you can look up stream to Benton Pond and enjoy the water slipping quietly under the bridge. (View Photo) July 10, 2008 photo.

08/07/10 - Roadside Sea of Yellow

A roadside field of yellow buttercups pleases your eye. The light wind motivates a constant dance and sway. Sadly their beauty is with us for only a short time. (View Photo) July 08, 2008 photo.

08/06/29 - It's Peaceful at Cobb's Pond

A September 2007 photo (View Larger) shows Gander's local park at its peaceful best. Gone are the games and rides of Gander Day. The balloonists are piloting their craft elsewhere. Musicfest musicians have their instruments at home practicing. Winter-time skates hang on a nail awaiting the coming freeze-up and the snowmobilers are always readying their new sleds. But the swings and slides are empty. No one reads a book in the gazebo. There are more parking spaces for those wishing to walk the pond's perimeter keeping an eye open to see the ducks in the cove. Do not miss your chance. The park peacefully awaits your visit

08/06/16 - Front, Side and Back

Three views of a Boeing 737 cargo jet making the turn into it's parking space on the Gander International Airport ramp. This plane entered service in 1980 and was flying for Air Alliance a division of Indian Airlines when these September 02, 2007 photos were captured. (View Photo)   Plane watchers will be waiting for a return visit to glimpse it's new red on white paint scheme as part of the Air India livery.

08/06/09 - A New Landmark Emerges

Once the snow is gone, the parking lot is paved and the store shelves are stocked a long time member of Gander's retail community will re-open in their new store. This event is eagerly anticipated by the local population as the building will also house a multi-doctor medical office. This February 2, 2008 photo (View Photo) shows the new building near the end of construction. Why not take the time to review the past photos of the original Blundon Building and it's demolition starting here. Then continue with the construction photos of this soon to be new landmark. View the blog entries: here, here, here, here and here.

08/06/03 - Gander's HFDF Past

While it does not look like much the eight blocks of concrete are the remains of a wartime installation that played a part in ensuring the freedom that we enjoy today. Four antenna mounts and four cornerposts supported a wooden shack that housed radio equipment used to listen in on enemy HF radio transmissions and along with a group of similar sites determine the exact location of the source of the signals. The operators listened 24/7 not to voices but to the series of dits and dahs that is morse code. One of the wins achieved was to determine a relatively exact location of the elusive large German warship Bismark. The eventual destruction of this flagship of the German Navy was a major moral boost to the war effort.
This May 16, 2007 photo (View Photo) shows the site before the alder leaves provide their yearly camouflage. A 1965 photo of the Gander DF Shack appears here with the antennas having been remoted from the building ( Note the antenna mount on the left side of the photo) The configuration of the antenna mounts around the building are evidence that the initial setup may have been similar to the Direction Finding Site shown here (see Photo 2). You can read the full history of Canadian Naval Radio Station Gander at the Gander webpage.
Anyone interested in the game of Geocaching should know that HFDF is sometimes called Huff Duff.

08/05/28 - Propellers on the Airport Ramp

The sound of a propeller driven aircraft has it's own music. The note is varied by the pitch of the blades and the amount of power applied. Let's look at a couple of twin engine propeller driven planes that frequently visit Gander International Airport. (View Photos)  A Dash 8 makes the daily regular runs required by an airline schedule while the Super King Air 350 fills the role of an air ambulance flying where and when there is a need.

08/05/20 - Left to Wonder

Nestled snuggly in the woods a cabin used to welcome those who crossed its threshold. Was it snow loading, a large gust of wind or willful destruction that caused the roof collapse? The November 19, 2007 photo (View Photo) shows the final result and we are left to ponder the cause.

08/05/11 - Steeled against the Snow

Still gripped in winter's grasp the structural steel shows the skeletal shape of a new building. In contrast to the advertising sign's promise of a warm vacation the worksite wrapped in a new layer of snow seems downright chilling in this January 19, 2008 photo. (View Photo)

08/05/01 - June's Flowers

In our yard the wintertime snow has receded to reveal the well and often tended garden plot. (View Photo) The young flowers guarded from the winter's perils by the snow now spring forth. When we take the time to pause a moment as they reach full bloom we can step back and voice our admiration. "may is gone, June is here"

08/04/23 - Fancy Color Schemes

On a mid-summers day the two planes presented in this July 27, 2007 photo (View Photo) show off their color schemes. The Air India jet attracts attention with its combination of red and white and then the peacock image covering the upright tail. In sharp contrast the military transport goes for a very neutral grey designed to not stand out both in the air or on the ground.

08/04/13 - Empty Spaces Allow New Growth

The renewal action of Spring is melting the piles of snow around town and around our homes. Patches of newly bare ground are revealed that will soon flourish with new growth. This November 28, 2007 photo shows a construction zone (View Photo) that everyone will be watching as the snow piles diminish.

08/04/03 - Atlantic Midget Major Regional Championship

The Gander Community Center and central Newfoundland's Central Training Academy Icepacks hosted the 2008 Atlantic Midget Major Regional Championships April 3-6, 2008. Along with the Icepacks a team from each of the Atlantic provinces came to test their mettle at this major regional tournament. Opening Ceremonies took place with all teams on the ice as shown in the April 3, 2008 photo. (View Photos)   This was closely followed by the Icepack facing off with the Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia McCain Major Midgets.

08/03/27 - A Precarious Balance

How old is too old? How much longer will we see the planes shown in these Summer of 2007 photos continue to fly? They are definitely examples of an ever diminishing number of their type that still take to the air. The reality probably is that the cost of the increased maintenance needed to ensure the safety of their aging airframes is a portion of the lease price of their modern replacements. (View Photos)

08/03/14 - Shown as it Was

The Knights of Columbus Centennial Club was the place for a vast number of social events. Numerous weddings, anniversary's, weekly bingos, and annual events took place inside its walls. The Club building is the focus of this September 04, 2006 photo. (View Photo) This time of year there was always a St. Paddy's Day gathering of musicians. Young of legal age and old would fill the lounge as performers took to the stage with a good time had by all. Now the building has undergone a change. Also changed is the venue for the St Paddy's Day concert. What will remain unchanged are our memories of the events and celebrations past.

08/03/04 - A Pre-war Relic

It has been around this area since before there was a Gander Airport having arrived like everything else back then on a railway car. Now this rusting relic spends much of the year hidden from view in the tall grass. A pre-war photo that shows this gravel moving piece of machinery when it was in use on the soon to be completed Newfoundland Airport can be seen on a "Reminiscing about early Gander" website. View Here (ninth photo down on the left.) These May 3, 2007 photos present a more recent view. (View Photos) The slowly rusting hulk is the focal point of a geocache that is part of the Geocaching game. Hopefully those that visit the cache realize the piece of history that is in front of them.

08/02/26 - Two of Russian Heritage

Two planes of Russian heritage were parked on the Gander International Airport ramp September 16, 2007. Most familiar was the AN-124 that is a aircraft specialized for large loads and heavy lifts with a wing span that groups it amongst the largest in the world. At first glance the second aircraft gives the impression of a 727 until you try to read the letters on the side of the fuselage. After a bit of research you learn that it is a TU-154. From a translation of the Russian Cyrillic characters we discover that the plane belongs to the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center and has been used in the past to transport top level sports teams to international events. (View Photo)

08/02/18 - A Short Time Above Ground

These August 26, 2007 photos show the various concrete catch basin and underground connection fittings that will become part of the infrastructure in the Rayham Avenue Extension development. Normally "Out of sight and out of mind", the concrete fixtures' short term placement above ground adds to these photos of the development area that will lengthen Rayham Avenue through to Cooper Boulevard. (View Photos)

08/02/11 - Cloud Nine Memories

In the early eighties the building in this October 21, 2007 photo (View Photo) was a popular local club. It was most memorable for its light blue front wall and a cloud motif over the front entrance sporting the "Cloud Nine" name. The building lay dormant for a large number of years, then opened as a pizza franchise that ran its course. In recent years the building found new life as the Gander Goodwill Center.

08/02/05 - Flown To Be A Service

Two types of aircraft are shown in these July 4, 2007 photos (View Photos). Optimized for the job they perform each provide a necessary service. The familiar water bomber is parked in a ready area next to the always present fuel tank and a second tank that contains a water soluble fire retardant. On another area of the ramp a four engined Ice Survey and Surveillance aircraft awaits its next mission call.

08/01/27 - Top Floor Steel Pulldown

The Blundon Building demolition continues. Once the siding on the walls is removed the steel structure still stands. The top floor steel is pulled down one side at a time as shown in these November 20, 2007 photos (View Photos). After a few touches with a cutting torch the steel falls free. The next day the building was flattened.

08/01/20 - Utility Work Ahead

One of our local utility companies required the placement of another utility pole on Byrd Avenue. With current safety practises in place the work was performed as shown in this November 19, 2007 photo. (View Photo) Unknowingly local motorists experienced a safety spinoff as the signs and flagman demanded speeds closer to the posted town limit.

08/01/11 - Cargo on the Move

Two types of cargo planes carrying two types of cargo. A large commercial jetliner like the 747 shown in this June 14, 2007 photo (View Photo) we could imagine to contain packages or mail shipped from companies across the Atlantic Ocean to North American destinations. A propeller driven military cargo transport like the Hercules would have its cargo formed onto pallets. At best we can hope that the unknown items it carries would be to keep the troops it supports safe and comfortable.

08/01/02 - Demolition Begins

Demolition was underway of the landmark Blundon Building as shown in this November 18, 2007 photo. (View Photo) Once started an effort was made to have it leveled before the first major snowfalls complicate the work.


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