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09/12/20 - While the Lady of the House was Out.

This year it was really close to Christmas before anything of worth mentioning took place amongst the Christmas decorations. Like many little boys and girls who have read the Christmas story books and have seen the many Santas that appear on the run into Christmas, the little grey bear decoration was becoming confused. Would Santa find him? What should he do? Click to View a Larger Photo and Find Out.

09/12/05 - Santa Claus Makes a Trip to Our Town

There was lots of excitement, lights and a cool wind blowing when Santa took time out of his busy schedule to make his annual early run around the streets of Gander. A large number of groups and floats preceded him as young and old lined the sides of his route to enjoy the parade and to be sure to catch a glimpse of the jolly old elf. (View Photos)

09/11/25 - Following the Unique Tail Markings

Two rows of cargo pallet carts appear in front of a C-130 Hercules cargo plane with unique tail markings as shown in this August 10, 2008 photo. (View Photo). A search for "15th wing Ch-07" reveals that the aircraft is part of the Belgian Military Transport Squadron on a web page that contains pictures and details for each of CH-07's sister ships.

09/11/05 - The Road to the Mountain

To many people in the Gander area Mt. Peyton stands as a reference point on the horizon. Year round it is a "go to" destination for many snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts. This September 27, 2009 photo (View Photo) shows the rocky access road heading south towards the mountain.

09/10/21 - Rising out of the Mud

The large backhoe moves through the track deep mud to almost disappear into a recent excavation. It then reverses to rise on top once again. The May 29, 2009 photos show (View Photos) the area that by early fall will become the unfinished end of Cornell St., lined on both sides by houses that have seemingly risen overnight.

09/10/10 - The Gander Lake Shoreline

The shoreline of the area most easily described as the next cove over from Little Harbour is shown in this August 28, 2009 photo. (View Photo) While only a portion of Gander Lake's forty mile length is presented the immensity of that much water is revealed.

09/09/29 - Sarex 09 at Little Harbour Park

Little Harbour Park was a beehive of activity during Search and Rescue Exercise 2009. Teams of SarTechs from each of the squadrons across Canada brought their equipment and their best effort to complete in the various skill testing events.
To ensure safety in the water drop events a pair of Canadian Coast Guard fast rescue watercraft were present. Both boats and their crews were kept busy retrieving parachutes and the other equipment that were dropped from aircraft as part of the exercises. (View Photos)

09/09/19 - Targa Newfoundland 2009 Races up the Hill in Appleton

On the second day of competition the Targa Newfoundland 2009 participants ran a timed route snaking through the town of Appleton. The September 15, 2009 photos ( View the Grand Touring or Targa Photos ) show the cars rounding the uphill corner on Circular Road as they make their way to the flying finish further up the hill. Then its off to Leading Tickles for lunch and back to Gander to finish the day.

09/09/02 - Canada Geese near Gander

This group of Canada Geese touched down in a bog near Cobb's Pond August 29, 2009. While one goose stood tall as sentry the others made the most of their rest stop. (View Photo)

09/08/18 - Marigolds Bursting Forth

Camera friendly and easy on the eyes is this flower box full of marigolds. They demanded equal time on August 3, 2009. (View Photo)

09/08/03 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Newfoundland's Premiere Fireworks Display

Its been a busy few days but before it is all over there is the annual fireworks display. It just seems to get better every year regardless of weather. (View Photos)

09/08/03 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Gander Day Festivities at Cobb's Pond

Cobb's Pond is the place to be for Gander Day Festivities. There's rides for the younger crowd, games of skill and chance, watching the ducks drop and then resting easy sitting in your chair watching the Musicfest. (View Photos)

09/08/03 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Festival of Flight Parade

The rescheduled but still successful Festival of Flight Parade took to the streets of Gander on Gander Day. Missing from the Parade were the town's fire trucks as it passed in front of Town Hall. As can be seen in some of the photos (View Photos) the Fire Department, always ready to spring into action, was needed to quell a chimney fire at the side of the parade route. After a brief safety related delay in which more fire trucks arrived to help out, the parade continued uneventfully to its end.

09/08/02 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Demolition Derby

With enhanced safety on their minds the drivers, pit crews and organizers once again made ready to start their engines for the annual Demolition Derby. When you view the photos notice the reduced size of the derby pit. Another safety decision had the cars in two categories, compact and full-size with survivor heats for each. (View Photos)


09/08/02 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Commander Gander Road Race

Each year the serious and the not so serious road racers assemble to clock their best time in the Commander Gander Road Race. It looks like a record number of participants as the racers take their marks at the starting line. (View Photos)

09/07/31 - Festival of Flight 2009 - Opening Ceremonies

There was lots to see and do at the "Catch the Wave" with Dora the Explorer Opening Ceremonies. Many thought that the attendance was the largest ever for this event. You can (View the Photos) and decide.

09/07/24 - Auto Extravaganza on Airport Boulevard

A number of participants in Auto Extravaganza rolled out their treasures for a car show on Airport Boulevard. The cars ranged in age from the still driving older models to those just recently minted and the same could be said about the appreciative crowd of on-lookers. Find your car show favorite in these July 24, 2009 Photos. (View Photos - Click here)

09/07/06 - Salmon Management Ladder on the Salmon River

Salmon Management on the Gander River and it's tributaries has been ongoing for over twenty years. This June 16, 2009 photo (View Photos) shows the retaining fence and the counting ladder on the lower Salmon River. Twice a day a warden counts and then releases the fish that have been held up in the pool below. This year the run of fish has not yet materialized keeping the local Salmon fishermen still dreaming about playing and catching their tag limit of fish.

09/06/24 - Gander River at Glenwood

A Gander River boat heads down river through "Top Pool". The May 14, 2009 photos (View Photos) show the river at high water. Even so those that fish this area in season can recognize their favorite fishing holes and eagerly anticipate this year's salmon season.

09/05/29 - The Turn-A-Round

At the side of the Trans-Canada Trailway lies this circular concrete form as shown in this May 15, 2009 Photo (View Photo). Some speculate that when the railway was functional this was the base for a Speeder Turn-A-Round. A speeder was a small motorized car usually designed to carry two passengers. With additional track the speeder would run onto the Turn-A-Round platform that was manually rotated 180 degrees. Passengers would then get back on and motor off in the opposite direction. If you are able to provide further information on its use please email; webmaster@ganderourtown.ca. Also shown are a runway approach light and an antenna array for the Instrument Landing System.

09/05/14 - Removing and Restoring

It was Springtime and there was a higher than normal level of water which was beginning to lap at the bottom of the boardwalk surrounding Cobb's Pond Municipal Park. The well meaning next step was to partially let go the plug so to speak. A portion of the beaver dam was mechanically removed with hopes that the water would run away in a controlled manner. When the water began to flow it eroded more of the dam leading to the unfortunate results presented in this CBC.ca report with Video. This May 01, 2009 photo (View Photo) shows the beaver dam restored in its' former location but we can wonder if it holds up to inspection by the master dam builders that live in the house nearby.

09/04/29 - The White Clusters of Summer

This year springtime conditions have come early in central Newfoundland. While there are still days with snow flurries there are strings of days with above normal temperatures. With everyone's lawn grass turning green and the anticipation of the summer to come we can view the July 19, 2008 photo (View Photo) and remind ourselves of the white clusters of summer.

09/04/12 - World's Largest at Gander International Airport

It is not everywhere that the world's largest airplane visits that it finds lots of space to park. Bigger than an A380 and all the others it carries the biggest cargo loads. Shown in these May 25, 2008 photos (View Photos) is the only An-225 produced to date. With more companies looking to book the aircraft to carry their capacity loads a second plane is planned to enter service in 2010.

09/03/30 - The New Front Door

One of the local private medical buildings has undergone renovations that included moving the front entrance to the parking lot side. The addition of an inside elevator will be a aid to the mobility restricted patients that are visiting their physician. An August 10, 2008 photo shows these changes in progress. (View Photo)

09/03/16 - Our March Hare - Eric's Time

Did you catch the March Hare? To clear up any uncertainty, a March Hare is gathering where poets and prose writers personally present selections of their traditional works. Also mixed in are a scattering newfoundland musicians providing songs that echo of yesterday and times long ago. This March 12, 2009 photo (View Photo) shows Pat and Joe Byrne with Baxter Wareham on stage as they involve the audience in a rendition of "Towards the Sunset"
Our local annual March Hare is presented free. This was the wish of Eric Norman, a long time Gander resident who guided the event up until his passing. The name "Eric's Time" sits well with those involved with the event since its early years when as presenters they responded to Eric's invitation. Now with the tradition firmly in place you can make it one of your own by joining the ever growing audience each spring.

09/03/01 - Sitting in a Parking Lot

On the space that used to serve as the Kof C bingo ladies parking lot a new building has been constructed. . The full photo (View Photo) shows this new building and the renovated into condos ex KofC Centenial Club.

09/02/20 - A Physical Link between Towns

The old railway bridge that crosses the Gander River provides a secondary link between the towns of Glenwood and Appleton. As part of the Trans-Canada Trail the bridge carries snowmobile traffic in winter and walkers, motorbikes and quads in the summer and fall. November 20, 2008 Photo (View Larger)

09/02/06 - The Looking to Cross Canso

A couple of years ago there were plans to fly across the Atlantic to reenact the first successful oceanic crossings. The Canso shown in this August 6, 2006 photo (View Photo) was flown across Canada from Red Deer, Alberta to Gander to be the focus of the event but sadly the idea fell from favor.

09/01/22 - The View from the Cut-over

Recent logging in the Burner Hill area has opened up a cut-over allowing a view of Gander Lake with Mount Peyton in the distance. November 14, 2008 Photo (View Photo)

09/01/10 - The Big Guys of Airborne Cargo

Gander and area residents are familiar with the large blue and white An-124 cargo planes that sometimes crowd the apron at Gander International. The An-124 is known for its ability to carry the heaviest and largest commercial cargo items and are operated by Volga-Dnepr Airlines. Also in the Volga-Dnepr fleet are a number of IL-76 cargo jets. (View Photos) From having a look around the Airline's website we learn that there is planning is in place to have an updated An-124 rolling off the production line to replace the current aging members of the fleet.

09/01/01 - Pre Freeze-Up at Twin Ponds

The smaller pond at Twin Ponds is shown in this November 14, 2006 photo. (View Photo) Skating on the frozen ice was possible just last week but with the recent small snowfall some snow clearing is needed before the fun begins.

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