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10/11/02 - Redoing the Big Intersection Downtown

The long needed roadwork seemed to take all summer. These August 28, 2010 photos capture the main intersection in the Gander downtown closed to traffic. Residents had to take the back paths producing a lot of traffic in some unusual spots. (View Photos)

10/10/11 - Gander Lake Shoreline

A small island sits in the entrance to a shallow cove. This larger August 26, 2010 photo reveals the full cove. (View Larger Photo)

10/09/14 - Targa Newfoundland 2010 - Appleton Stage

Once again the cars of Targa Newfoundland lined up to take their turn running through the streets of Appleton. The September 13, 2010 photos attempt to show the action on the last uphill turn on Circular Road.   Grand Touring    Targa    Car 609 Offroad

10/08/25 - The New Kid on the Block

The area around Gander's box store Power Center continues to attact new development. With available lots at a premium this Credit Union branch sits proudly on its corner block in this April 25, 2010 photo. View Photos

10/08/02 - 24th Annual Festival of Flight Parade

With the sounds of airplanes in the air the Festival of Flight Parade makes it way through the streets of Gander. Not looking a day older on this his birthday, Commander Gander rides at the tail of the parade wishing everyone a "Happy Gander Day". View Photos

10/07/20 - Salmon Brook

Salmon Brook flows between the reminants of a bridge that at one time allowed easy access to the Mt. Peyton area. View Photo

10/06/23 - Hall's Quarry-In The Pit

The Larger trees hold the middle ground while long slim alders embrace the quarry's rock wall. When the quarry was active the local labor force manually moved the grey rock into the small metal rail cars. They then hand pushed the cars along the railway like tracks to the Crusher. The black and white photo that appeared annually in the Gander Beacon shows three crews of workers hard at their task. When you visit the quarry today the layout of the rail sections as you walk through the site has not changed and are exposed in places from under the build up of humus type soil. View Photos

10/06/05 - Reduced to Rubble to Make Room for New

Moving a business can cause other businesses to follow suit and take over your old vacant location. Sometimes it is just a building switch to upsize and others require a demolition followed by new construction. Some look for prominent placement and a renewed permanency when fire forces them out. View Photos

10/05/17 - Sarex 09 A Para-Jump Rescue

Another type of competition at Search and Rescue Exercise 2009 was the Para-Jump Rescue. While the photos are taken on a nice sunny day you can imagine the conditions at a real rescue being very different. The professionalism and huge effort displayed can only make us prouder of the men and women of our Canadian Military.
To outline the sequence of the event. The first photo shows a C-130 dropping a large pump to a disabled vessel that its crew can use keeping their boat afloat. The focus then shifts to three para-jumpers jumping from the C-130 to end up at a precise location in the water. Once all three are in position they swim as a team to make a rescue of a casualty. For the purpose of the exercise the rescue scene is at a moored pair of sea plane floats. After handling a simulated medical emergency and the casualty is ready for transport, the team swims the sizeable distance to shore, casualty in tow. View Photos

10/05/01 - Hall's Quarry Crusher

Concrete blocks that supported the six legs of the tall crusher building still stand amid the vegetation. The size of the trees in the area attest to the passing years. A black and white photo that appeared yearly in the Gander Beacon shows the crusher in production during the early years of the Gander Airport. The rock produced was loaded onto rail cars for the short trip to what was to become Gander, where it was used in construction of the four runways being built in the pre-war years 1937-38. View Photos

10/04/12 - Sarex 09 An American Pave Low

Search and Rescue Exercise 2009 held at Little Harbour just outside of Gander included an American military SAR team and their Pave Low helicopter. While we are all proud of our Canadian Sartechs it is interesting to see how the other guys do it. The Americans appear to wave-off safety somewhat with more aggressive helicopter piloting and a definite "no fooling around" demeanor. An in the know observer explained that the team in this competition has honed their skills in actual battlefield conditions and are on the home portion of an active duty rotation. View Photos

10/03/24 - A Block of History?

Admittedly the concrete block and the two others that line up in a row do not look too special. Click here to view the full photo. The amount of moss and the deterioration of the concrete note the passage of time. Fair sized trees have took root and now shade the blocks. Who took the time to build them here and why? If they are significant did they just get forgotten or has newer things and events diverted our view? There is nothing like a bit of mystery to go along with photography and a walk in the woods.

10/03/02 - Allowing a Run Away

Sometimes we ask where does all the water go. The November 16, 2009 photos (View Photos) allow you to answer the question of where does the water come from. When you realize the source, it is easy to agree and comforting if your a traveller that it run away.

10/02/11- As Old as Confederation

They were constructed as an improvement to the important wartime Radio Direction Finding station that operated nearby. Once Confederation was enacted the Royal Canadian Navy assumed control of the RDF station and the six Permanent Married Quarters (PMQ's) were constructed. Recently the residences were taken over by base administration offices restoring daily activity to the site. The area directly across the road has been cleared of trees in anticipation of further improvements allowing this December 14, 2009 photo (View Photo) The complete details of the history of HFDF Station Gander are available click here.

10/01/19 - Gambo River Rocks

For anyone who has ever held a salmon rod at the side of one of our provinces many salmon rivers the question of where is the main salmon run comes to mind if you are unfamiliar with the river. The location shown in these July 20, 2009 photos (View Photos) is above the bridge that lets the Trans-Canada Highway cross the Gambo River and just before it widens into Gambo Pond. With both sides of the run actively covered finding a rock to sit on while awaiting your turn should not be a problem.

10/01/03 - The State of the Ponds

While the temperature hovers on the plus side of zero the local ponds remain unsafe for winter activities. In this January 02, 2010 photo (View Photo) on Joe Batts Pond we see a well known ice fishing location that remains unreachable to devotees of the sport. Many folks wait with fingers crossed for prolonged cold freezing temperatures and a dumping of snow.

mal level of water which was beginning to lap at the bottom of the boardwalk surrounding Cobb's Pond Municipal Park. The well meaning next step was to partially let go the plug so to speak. A portion of the beaver dam was mechanically removed with hopes that the water would run away in a controlled manner. When the water began to flow it eroded more of the dam leading to the unfortunate results presented in this CBC.ca report with Video. This May 01, 2009 photo (View Photo) shows the beaver dam restored in its' former location but we can wonder if it holds up to inspection by the master dam builders that live in the house nearby.


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