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11/12/03 - Santa Claus Comes to Town

Everyone was lining the sidewalks waiting for their chance to see Santa. But they had to wait for what seemed like the best Santa Claus Parade ever to make its way by, holding their interest until there he was. Santa! Ho, Ho, Ho. View the Photos.

11/11/29 - Uncovered Pillars from the Siding Shed

The recent construction on a side road in the Roe Avenue area has laid bare these concrete monoliths. Hidden for years in a batch of alders they were exposed standing but soon were demolished level with the ground. View the August 26, 2011 Photo .

11/10/22 - Backyard Flowers

Some Tiger Lilies presented their delicate shape and orange tones on September 7, 2011. View Photo

11/10/05 - A New Road Takes Shape

A new road stretches between Roe Avenue and Baird Avenue allowing more growth in the rapidly expanding commercial area of Gander. The road construction erases the remnants of a portion of the Old Navy Road, a section of the former rail bed and the supports for a railway shed that stood for years hidden in alders. Click to view a panoramic August 17, 2011 Photo.

11/09/13 - Targa Newfoundland 2011 - Ten Years on the Clock

Appleton hosted Targa Newfoundland 2011 as the cars made their way through the small town. The photos show the particpants as they find their line through the last uphill turn on Circular Road.   Grand Touring   Targa

11/08/16 - The New Firehall - Side View

The new Gander Firehall held its grand opening at the end of July. Its large front doors now hold the Fire Emergency vehicles at the constant ready. View the panoramic June 26, 2011 Photo.

11/08/01 - 25th Annual Festival of Flight Parade

As they have for the last quarter century, a crowd lined the streets to catch their view of the annual Festival of Flight Parade. Big floats, fire trucks, cars, small groups and businesses entries took part in this years event. View Photos

11/07/24 - A New Hickman Motors Building Takes Shape

With just the main frame in place the size of the new Hickman Motors Garage and Showroom looks large in this June19, 2001 photo.. The original building is situated on the corner of Airport Blvd. and Elizabeth Drive and was one of the first commercial buildings erected when Gander moved to the new town site in the late 1950s. View Photo

11/07/14 - The New Firehall

Gander's new Firehall stands seemingly ready for action in this June 26, 2011 photo. A large amount of work and planning will be needed to make it fully ready to house all the equipment and trucks, support the necessary training for the volunteer firefighters and most importantly act as a command center to co-ordinate emergency efforts as the needs arise. View Photo

11/06/15 - B-17 "Liberty Bell" Makes Final Flight

The most recent B-17 to visit Gander has come to an untimely demise. The Chicago Tribune gives the details. On her August 6, 2006 visit to Gander the airplane was in top notch shape. A joy to behold and touch. A short climb up a ladder allowed a fascinating exploration of the flying museums insides. View Photos of "Liberty Bell" as she was when on display in front of the Briggs Aero Hanger, Gander International Airport..

11/06/14 - Power Line Lake View

The power line that runs south of the TCH here in Gander offered up a view of the lake. Newly trimmed it made for an interesting walk. (View Larger) June 8, 2011 photo.

11/06/02 - Revisiting the Cabin

The old cabin still stands with the cause of its demise lying across it. A revisit of the area was in order allowing another set of photos. You can find the new photos presented here. For those of you who are geocachers you should drop by. To find out more about Geocaching visit www.geocaching.com

11/05/02 - Tree Lined James Boulevard

An opportunistic photo of the tree lined James Boulevard captured from on top of a very temporary parking lot residual snowpile. (View Larger)

11/04/04 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner Visits Gander

Gander International hosted the still under flight test Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A sunny day greeted the plane as it arrived April 1, 2011 to a gathering group of plane watchers.(View Photo)

11/03/18 - Built in a Hurry, now Gone in Less

Recent melting snowbanks revealed that a long standing building at the Gander Canadian Forces Base had been demolished. Originally the building was erected in wartime as a 150 bed American Military Hospital completed in December 1942. With the war over the Americans withdrew leaving their section of early Gander to be re-purposed. Over the last 30 years and probably longer it has housed the various CFS Officers Mess's. For 68 years it stood large on the Gander Airport landscape. A March 16, 2011 photo records the loss. (Larger Photo)

11/02/09 - Waiting on a Snow Day

While never really wishing for a big snow storm, there is a certain feel to having a snow day on a day off when the best thing to do is stay inside and watch the weather outside. The last two snow storms here in Central Newfoundland were predicted to dump vastly more amounts than what actually fell. They leave in their wake the anticipation of a real big blow that drops a lot of snow and enjoying the resulting snow day. (Larger Photo)

11/01/02 - A Change of Center

A new Firehall is a prominent building in any community. The intersection nearby has increased in popularity as a way to get to or from work or if your going downtown. The development in this area and others nearby has redefinded the "Center" of Gander. A recent December 27, 2010 photo shows the changes since April 25, 2010 (View Photos)


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