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12/12/17 - Gander Flyers vs Western Royals - NL Senior Hockey in Gander

More NL Senior Hockey at the Gander Community Center photos.

  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals December 15, 2012
  Gander Flyers vs Western Royals December 16, 2012



12/12/16 - Gander Flyers' Teddy Bear Toss

When the Gander Flyers fans arrived back at the Gander Community Center for the Sunday afternoon match up they brought along all shapes and sizes of soft plush toys. Before the start of the game the tossing began. Both the Gander Flyers and the Western Royals players spent a few minutes gathering up the many donations from the ice surface and passing them along to the Salvation Army to be distributed this Christmas season. View Photos

12/12/01 - Santa Claus Comes to Town 2012

It was a cool winter night made warmer by the excitement of those lining the streets to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. The long line of floats, marching bands and walking groups let the anticipation build until, Santa was there wishing everyone " Merry Christmas". View Photos

12/11/25 - Gander Flyers host NL Senior Hockey in Gander

Photos of the Gander Flyers most recent Home games at the Gander Community Center.

  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous November 25, 2012
  Gander Flyers vs Clarenville Caribous November 24, 2012
  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts November 11, 2012
  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts November 10, 2012




12/10/28 - Gander Flyers bring back Senior Hockey to Gander

The Gander Community Centers stands were full for the fourth game of the Gander Flyers season. Gander lead the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts 3-2 into the third period. At the end of regulation the score was tied with the Cataracts finding the back of the Gander net twice to win the tie-breaking shoot-out.

  Gander Flyers vs GFW Cataracts October 28, 2012


12/10/10 - Along the Edgar Baird Trail

Gander's Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest holds many woodland points of interest that are accessible along the many walking trails that run within its boundaries. The Edgar Baird Trial runs along the shore of Gander Lake before it makes the steep climb to end near the main parking area. Relics of gigantic pine trees are present showing the scars of a forest fire that ravaged the area in the early nineteen sixties. Squirrels have used the voids of the remaining pine stumps to hold their stores of food. Of note in the photos is what appears to be a charred rune like marking just to the side of one secret hideaway. View Photos

12/09/11- Targa Newfoundland - Appleton Stage

Braving the at times torrential rains and some wind from Tropical Storm Leslie Targa Newfoundland continued with business as usual. Targa Marshals erected the safety tape and stood by in the rain to ensure the safety of the competitors and more importantly local spectators. View Photos

12/08/06 - Gander Day 2012 on the Town Ball Field

Gander Day festivities found a different venue this year. Though the mid afternoon photos show lots of room mid-field by sundown space was at a premium. As it was within easy walking distance from most parts of Gander it seemed everyone took the time to take part. View Photos

12/08/06 - 26th Annual Festival of Flight Parade 2012

Youngsters and oldsters alike line the streets of Gander to view the 26th Annual Festival of Flight Parade. View Photos

12/08/05 - Annual Boys and Girls Club Demolition Derby 2012

With safety made a priority the Annual Demolition Derby 2012 ran four heats with no medical emergencies despite lots of "Smash'em Up Action".

Tied - #13 Mitchell Merner and #14 Joey Mouland
#24 Matt Penney
#13 Mitchell Merner
#26 Ian Kean

12/07/07 - Canada Day 2012 in the Town Square

Gander's Canada Day 2012 celebrations filled the downtown parking lot with plenty to see and do. There were bouncy rides, balloon popping, a bike rodeo along with active booths in the new open air market. On the town stage "The Ballycanters" entertained adding music for the party atmosphere. View Photos

12/06/30 - Standing Against the Waves

On the shore of Gander Lake near the Town of Gander Water Supply Pumphouse is a sizeable slab of concrete pointing out to deeper waters. Old maps and photos of the area show this serving as part of a break water for a USAAF boat house that was in use during WWII. While the Canadians had a sizeable wharf and a boat to tend the Canso amphibious aircraft that would moor along the shore below what is now the Silent Witness area. The Americans also maintained a boat to attend their PBY. View Photos

12/05/31 - A Big Unused Space

A popular gas bar convenience store sits in front of a large space. Many wonder what development will eventually utilize the land available to change the scene shown in this May 21, 2012 photo. ViewPhoto

12/05/02 - A Tired Tree at the Old Navy Site

Work to turn the Old Navy Site property into a high in demand building development has exposed an oddity. A forty year old or longer tree that has grown surrounded by a intact rubber tire of a style that has similar vintage. With work in the area rapidly progressing the time left together grows increasingly short. View Photo

12/03/27 - Spring Weather on the Woodpile

As a damper to the hope for an early spring, next year's birch sits with a layer of snow and ice from last night's stormy weather. View Photo

12/02/14 - Town Square Gander

Gander's Town Square on a November 06, 2011 Sunday afternoon. A large panoramic photo shows the complete view from this angle.

12/01/07 - On the Shores of Gander Lake

The smell and feel of autumn was everywhere. A season's last quad ride brought me to the Gander Lake shoreline. In the calm before the storm on October 24, 2011. View Photo


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